This past week is been very very busy, I've started to work again into real estate agency, so I am still try to understand good way to balance work/social life but I am doing a good work considering that I had time to hang out with friends for a lunch for girls only, we went to a Sushi wok near Perugia...great food and great is a sort of all you can eat but with more choiche!!!

I am glad to say that collegues are nice also if I am in trial period until saturday...then they'll say if I will be hired or not, however I am doing practice becaus ein the future I would like to follow the way of my boss:P

I've read The wedding season's book by Kate Fforde and from chapter 15 or 16 i started to love it, while at the beginning I was finding this book quiet boring (sorry) but then this chapter I started to hope for determinated things that happened in the final pages and now I've just started The knockoff and it seems really interesting...but I'm reading it only before to sleep because I have some important side work projects to follow with  attention...

I've bought book for my mother and it is hide into a box it is part of her birthday gift, then I am still studying which cake to make for her...maybe Trifle!!!

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: car parking, well this is been a problem because find a parking in the centre is almost a mission impossible but I found a good deal for it
  • Today I feel OK towards money because I am trying to spend less of budget I planned
  • Money can't buy happiness One thing I did last week that make me happy was spending time with girls, it is been rich of laughs
  • I will consider this week a success if  I will be focused on every work project I have
  • Best money I've spent this week: € 17 on my mother's birthday gift, a book that she wanted plus the €15 for lunch with girls


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