Look how change your chart whe you do  grocery shopping with empty and full stomach, when it is empty you are tempted by everything absolutely not essential and that you can consider junk food…while when you go to grocery with a full stomach you are good to resist to temptation and follow your list, chosing food that everyone consider healty…

A thing that I understood in the years is that buying local and seasonal is a very good savvy tips for your shopping bill, using basket instead chart helps to buy only things that are wrote into your list and do a meal planning ahead is a very good deal…

Now is autumn and also if some veggies are ending their natural season, now you can find them all over the year, but seriously I and also nutritionists suggest to eat seasonal veggie and fruit…

So now that I use my free time or lunch break for do a lot of things (errands, shopping, meeting with friends) I’m doing a good work on meal planning, so in this week I’m going to put into my basket:

  • mushrooms
  • soy milk ( I have a light intolerance to normal milk, so for determined time I avoid it or swap with other version)
  • soy yogurth
  • rice (white and brown)
  • turkey
  • pumpking
  • cookies for breakfast
  • cheese
  • sweet potatoes
  • apples
  • pears
  • seitan (  honestly I prefer it instead tofu)
  •  carrots
What will you put into your basket/chart this week?


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