This weekend in my hometown there is the White Night event, it is good for who has the opportunità to wake up late on Saturday morning, while who as me must wake up early also on Saturday this is a big problem, called CAR PARKING, luckily I have a nice solution, a sorto f private parking but I already know that Saturday will be better use bike or bus to go to work….

However this is also a good opportunity for shops to add entrances, but I am not sure employers are so happy about it, considering that most of time they work receiving classic hourly pay without benefits and this isn’t so good, most owners say that there is crisis and money are the same so for don’t be fired you accept but honestly this isn’t a good thing…I  feel I am very lucky from this point of view!!!

But this Friday I will stay at home because I need to work on some important side work projects and Saturday will be a busy day…but who wants there are a lot of concert and other interesting events planned for White Night weekend!!!
Do you want to know my plan for Friday night? Well drum roll please…I will stay at home watching a nice tv program where some Italian celebs try to look alike other international and national  celebs and it is very very nice…I always have alarm clok early on Saturday morning!!!

Is true when you do a work that is part of your passion you work better and you offer your best daily, at least this is true for me...well this doesn't means that I don't need coffee in the morning, without it my day cannot start:P!!!



  1. Buon weekend bellezza,
    come sempre hai un gusto eccezionale nella scelta delle foto che accompagnano le tue parole :-)

    The Princess Vanilla


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