In this past weeks I worked a lot on several projects, but unluckily for an entire week my pc is beeN unableto work, some problems that needs a technician,  but as I wrote with longer days I don't want to spend long hours in front of pc...infact I used my free time to spend quality time with friends, finish to plan a summer camps for kids 3-11 years old into my church...this is a trial but honestly I hope it'll have a good feedback...
This is weekly program from monfìday till friday, from 9 am to 5.30 pm, rich of diy, artistic lab, the end kid can have a lot of things made by themself...finger crossed please!!!

I've read a comic book that found inspiration from 50th shades of grey, but this book is fun while the original book and the movie honestly I don't know because I didn't read a word of the  trilogy and I stay far from movie...but If you want to have a reading full of humor read it 50th shades of Gigio, believe me you'll laugh from first to last page:P

I've spent good time in the park and I can say stay out more often is possible, as I don't like to stay in front of pc I don't watch a lot of tv this period but last week there is been a classic that every woman would must to watch at least once "Breakfast at tiffany" with Audrey Hepburn...a classic but always a good choiche!!!

I've started to decluttering wardrobe and I need to finish so I will do it again during this week, plus I need to re organize second desk for diy projects!!!

I received letters from pen-pals from all around the world and this past week I found a couple of hours to start to wirte replies to them...I'm still ding calligraphy's exercises, plus I've just done a sort of battle-bet with a friend of mine....he is hungarian and I have the entire summer to learn some of his language...well I can say that also if I am always been good on foreign language, hungarian is seriously seems Donald duck's language but try to learn new things keep brain active:P

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: books to learn foreign language, plus fuel...I wanted to use bike but wheater was instable so I used car almost daily!!!
  • Today I feel Normal towards money because I'm trying to keep budget under control, Sometimes is more easy other there are a lot of temptations but I am always on budget so probably I'm doing a good job, but I still hate budgeting day!!!
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: recive letters from my pen pals, is always nice reveive real letters
  • I will consider this week a success if I will complete alls decluttering lists I have
  • Looking for: pools opening, so I can add some swim to my gym, when summer season arrives I became more active and sporty!!!