Ok is monday evening and aftr an intense weekend of work in the cafe I had a free day for relax and recharge batteries, I must to say this past week is been a little bit expensive for my wallet, but I am glad about every single cents I've spent,infact I've spent €41.80 for coat reepar and other €23 for handmade Christmas gifts that I've bought from my friend Roberta, if I can I tend to buy from local artists that do lovely handmade items...

This past week I had some afternoon free so I used for complete Christmas shopping and I watched a nice tv program uomini & donne and I loved so much a couple of video and first think is been for my best friend Francesco, I hope He'll find soon is true love:D...Love is always in the air and loving the Eternal city and having a job interview next friday I already planned a day trip with my friend Sammy so we'll do tourists in the magnificient Rome, every time I fall in love for this city

Also if I'm try to stay almost all weeknights at home Christmas period is rich of invites for lunch-dinner-happy hour so social life is quiet busy, yes It could be a good excuse to do shopping but being on a budget isn't necessary, also if I'm totally in love for a red jumpsuit that I saw on H&M shop and probably I'll gift it to myself next week...but first i must to end to do declutter into my wardrobe, I completed books selection while I haven't done with my wardrobe yet...

This week I'm going to keep my daily walking and add more extra walking, because I am not going to gain weight during Christmas and with extra calories of period could be easily gain weight....

  • The most I've spent this past week was on:coats repairs and last Christmas gifts, but as I wrote worth every single cents I've spent.
  • Today I feel Good towards money because: work in the weekend gifted me with extra income and probably I will have another extra next weekend, so also if on sunday evening I was really tired I had time to recharge batteries and extra went directly into bank account 
  • Money can't buy happiness one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: quality time with friends planning day trip and having good conversation in front a cup of tea
  • I will consider this week a success if: I will do one hour exercise per day, I'm adding gym to daily walking rroutine so I will not gain weight during festivities
  • Loving this video (and the soundtrack): I tried to find It on youtube but visit here and you understand how emotional is this video, love is love in every form!
How ia been your week?


  1. One hour of exercise per week is really good! I try to work out at least three times a week but I don't always accomplish it - or the workouts are really short.


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