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This past week is been busy as usual maybe a little bit of normal because with Reverend's wife we planned a Garage sale for 12th of November and we still working on final touches and diy decorations... as I wrote I've lost my car's key so tomorrow mechanic will see how to solve it without spending a lot hopefully I hope in the cheapest solution but also the other is not over €300 but this means that I will do more attention...and I'll buy  a key's absolutely necessary...
you are welcome!!!

During this past week is arrived my online shopping with bonprix and I've spent €30 for a pair of jeans and 2 pile blankets and I decided to give some of old blankets to a men that helps a lot of the years I knew a lot of people that used all their money to help pets and I admire them a lot!!! I've bought materials for DIY projects with Reverend's wife and I've send out letter and birthday gift for a friend that lives far so I'm glad I achieved all the tasks I had for the week...I'm pretty proud of myself 

Today I'm been in my church and we had a lovely lunch with most members and also new people, is always nice and interesting meet and know new people and talk about several projects....well during weeknights, also because wheater is bad I've read a lot  I've read half of "The end of Men"by Karen Rinaldi and I'm curious to see the movie with Ewan Mcgregor next book I'm going to read is "Volevo solo andare a letto presto" by Chiara Moscardelli a very hilarious italian writer.... during next week I'm going to have a lunch and a coffee date with my girls I love spend time with my friends also we are always connected via whatsup there is nothing better than a REAL conversation....

First week of November is gone and I didn't bought a single gift for Christmas...well I'm going to buy alls for the end of november and for the moment I'm happy that I have a list of PçEOPLe and what I'm going to buy for who...however I'm still deciding if buy online or shop but probably I'll do a fifty fifty shopping...I'm always on a budget!!!

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: DIY materials and post office but I'm glad for every single cents I've spent 
  • Today I feel a little bit nervous towards money because: I don't know how will cost solve car's problem but I need to save more and refill emergency fund that in this moment is EMPTY for the mass of unexpected bills of summer so I need to work hard to refill it
  • Money can't buy happiness one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: coffee date with my friend ans also if isn't been completely free I loved sensation I had a second after I send out letters and package at post office it was worth every cents
  • I will consider this week a success if: I'll keep my daily walking and if me and Reverend's wife end all work for friday 11th November for Garage sale
  • My journey can't began without: caffeine seriously first ocffe in the mortning has a special taste and I need it to wake up my brain:P

How is been your week?


  1. I love the things that you have created for your Church. I've had a pretty good week with money and haven't had anything extraordinary happen.

    I look forward to seeing how your Garage sale goes. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. A post about garage sale is coming soon seems that you had a good week thanks for reading!!!

  2. Il tuo è stato un gesto davvero bello, fai bene ad essere orgogliosa di te stessa!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

    1. nel piccolo ci si prova a fare del bene quando si può!


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