This week me and Reverend's wife worked har to finish all the handmade items to sell tomorrow in our first Garage sale for charity in our church, so this week Reverend's daughter is been a little bit upset becaue attentions wreren't only for her so I promised her to spend an afternoonof next week drinking a hot chocolate seems a good reward right? Plus she asked for a chocolate bar so today before final touches Ill go to Grocery to buy her it....unluckily today is rainy day but being cold month is normal-but I still love Summer and hot temperatures...

However since September there are new recycle bins, for me don't change a lot because in my family is normal do a garbage waste but I discovered an iteresting thing in the Commercial centre near home...they've put a machine to recycling pl..astic bottles obtaining discounds yes there is max of 40 bottles per day but receiving €0.05 per bottle means a discount of €2 ok isn't a fortune but when you are on a budget counts every single cent...

I was reading again "Manuale per ragazze in crisi economica" and I found new interesting tips that I haven't notices at first reading...I decided to do a sort of shopping ban directly after Christmas but for the moment I'm try to be more frugal than usual trying to cover daily expenses with dog sitting income...but for the moment no dinner out except one with 2 old schoolmates...I wrote that I've lost key's car last friday? Well mechanic solved problem with €170 but is been another unexpected expense so I need to refill emergency fund and frugal lifestyle and shopping ban after Christmas could help my finances!!!


  1. Ah I had a friend who lost his car keys in a snowstorm, and he paid something similar to get his car re-keyed. No fun! I think a spending ban right after Christmas is a great idea for anyone!

    1. I'm been quiet lucky but now withgian key ring is more hard lose it and honestly I'm not going to do it again! no spending is essential after Christmas for the moment I'm into frugal mood!


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