Ok I must to admit I am that kind of woman that starts to think about Christmas gifts from September, but sometimes I receive great deal in my mailbox that I'm tempted to buy all Christmas gifts in the middle of summer,..well in the years I understood that November is the best time for me to do Christmas shopping, I had time to understand what my friends would like, set a budget, earn extra cash start research (honestly is one of my favorite process at Christmas time) and then write notes -yes I still use handwritten notes attached to my gifts they're make it more personal-

When I started research I went to some sites and then I found TROPPOTOGO, it is great if you haven't idea or you have an idea but a limited budget and searching using filters (gender, price style) us really helpful...I found some items that I'm going to buy for Christmas and also for birthdays...

My personalselection from €0-30

I must to admit that I'm totally in love for this little monkeyand I already know who will receive It:P

This year I decided to add to every single gift also a homemade natural soap, I love gift and receive something really homemade, because It means that person spent her/his time making something especially for time we'll talk about HOMEMADE gifts


  1. Oh those are some great gifts! One coffee mug I loved getting as a gift said "I heart spreadsheets" which was so fitting because I love working on spreadsheets so much!

    1. I love mugs too, infact I have a little collection...nice idea for a personalized gift


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