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Today my first plan was to spend the day in Rome, but, my friend wasn't available and honestly I don't like to do the tourist we must decide and fix a new date, hopefully before September because I'd like to visit the exhibition of I know that into Termini Station there is a lovely corner...and I'd like also to convince my friend to eat into ROMEOW restaurant (vegan local where you can find in the room lovely cats...In Japan there are a lot of cat cafe and these gave ideas for similar local in Italy...

I'm reading a thriller and is nice, I loved title and the fact that investigator was a woman (girl power), then there are other books to read and some magazine as Goodhousekeeping UK and US, I like them because are extremely interesting and help me to improve my English knowledge, I received a couple of letters and I'm going to find a day in the next 2 weeks to sit and write answers and send out the letters...honestly also if I write emails and they're a lot more quickly I love write/receive snail mail from my friends...

During this week I had only one real coffee date with some of ex colleague of real estate agency...but I'm trying to have more for the next weeks...honestly this is a habit that I'm going to keep for long time!

I'm walking 10 minutes more daily so this means that I have my daily evening walking for 40 minutes from Monday until Friday...and I don't count walk fro errands near home, but I am using car really few time and this is helping to save a good amount of money, maybe with the end of summer I'll use part of these savings for a little weekend out...for the moment I'm enjoying my staycation and if you like to know real culture of a lot of place...well this is best period because every place offers a lot of festivals with good food and good music!!!

For this week I'm going to work on my projects, I'm still looking for new side hustle into writing field (and waiting reply for some job I applied) and I'll read, I've ordered 2 books that will arrive in the middle of September, I've bought some beauty products-summer and sun are great but skin became too dry and I used my discounts so I've spent 50% less of the full price...I'm going to watch several movies, 2 based on books and probably there will be another movie night!!!

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: beauty products I've bough a sunscreen, a lipstick and a body cream: everything from BOttega Verde, natural beauty products and  necessary because I am having sunbathing but with protection, lipstick is good for nice events and body cream gave softeness to skin, have you ever notices how  is dry after days spent in the pool?
  • Today I feel GREAT towards money because: I'm following budget, I'm saving and still having a great social life being on this past week I went to bank and my bank account is in good healt and this means that I'm doing a good work, plus I am going to receive a paycheck soon so I must to say also if I don't like a lot budgeting day they helped and still helping my finances...never been so good!!!
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing i did last week that make me happy was: receive a white rose from my mother without a reason, or better she went to cemetery and bought flowers for our  chapel inside but then she bought a gift for me...and she knows that I don't like a lot red roses but I love White flowers....nice gifts is always welcome...
  • I will consider this week a success if :I'll write and I'll apply at 10 remote jobs into writing field and I'll sleep more, wake up naturally without alarm clock
  • Goal of the week: more coffee date with friends, more swimming pool, more reading, more bike and be relaxed and happy!!!

How is been your week?


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Era da un pò che mi frullava in testa l'idea di intervistare amici di blog e amici di altri campi e, tenere queste interviste almeno una volta al mese. Ho iniziato con Silvia (la sua intervista qui) ed ora è il turno di Valerio, ragazzo affascinante e simpatico (dico io) con qualche capello bianco (dice lui), ora noi è da Febbraio che proviamo a organizzarci per un caffè ma ancora non ci siamo riusciti, così se all'inizio pensavo di fare questa intervista di fronte ad una tazza di caffè reale, per ora ce lo prendiamo virtualmente...Valerio è stato carinissimo e disponibile, nonostante i suoi miliardi di impegni...ovviamente in rosso i miei commenti
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Presentati (nome, data di nascita, professione,studi passioni, hobbies) Mi chiamo Valerio Chibbaro, nato a Roma il 08/08/1982 e tra poco compirò ben 35 anni.  Quindi mi tocca farti un regalo che ti darò ...uhm...boh...a Natale?Dai dai che l'uomo acquista in fascino con età e capelli grigi, George Clone…



Sto preparando diverse interviste per il blog, di amici e persone che ho trovato interessanti ed ho voluto approfondire la conoscenza, perchè ammettiamolo spesso anche se non ci si conosce personalmente attraverso commenti su commenti si scoprono un sacco di affinità...ora mi sto concentrando su lavori e scelte di vita (se non avete letto l'intervista di Lucia fatelo ora cliccando QUI ) esempio questa intervista è nata a forza di guardare le sue creazioni...oh son pur sempre donna e mi piacciono le cose belle in più ho una passione per gli anelli e Paco fa creazioni bellissime...della serie io sbavo ad ogni singola foto nuova e devo decidere cosa auto-regalarmi per Natale...un ragazzo giovane di grande talento e secondo me pure simpatico, pur non conoscendolo personalmente la sua faccia mi ispira simpatia...allora gli ho spedito una email o meglio una serie di domande tramite FB e vi giuro solo nel leggere le risposte ho sorriso tantissimo...ovviamente in rosso tr…