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I have several friends that haven't problems to say how much they've spent for an item but have problems to admit how much they're earning...

Let me say that me and my group of friends have average salaries so I don't have problems to admit how much is it and how I'm trying to save more, but honestly I've noticed that finances are a taboo topic...
During last 2 years of high school I've started to work during week in the cafe (where I am still working-side hustle income from late September till June) but I can easy admit that in that period every single cents earned went directly into shopping session, most of times for stupid staff but I wasn't thinking about savings and if I had unexpected financial needed I asked direct to bank of mum and dad but I can say that I was debt free.

First debt of my life is been in 2012 for American holiday in August and in October of that year I've lost my job so I needed to repay the debt, I've started to read financial blogs taking notes about tips ans savvy strategies, I understood what budget was and I've started to have one... I still use budget and I have weekly budget date with my self and my bills...and yes I am still in a hate-love relation with it...

Being focused on debt repayment I became completely debt free in September 2016 and I'm proud of it, next debt will be for a mortage but I must to find my ideal house yet:P

When I announced that I was trying to be more frugal this summer, most of friend were skeptics, saying that it is a sort of mission impossible but in the reality I've already proven that it is possible and I don't have problems to say no to things/event that I cannot true friends are really supportive and helpful in my summer missions, fake friends disappear when you close your wallet /(and I'm really glad about it)....Some of my friends asked which strategies I'm going to use to save and I'm been honest (be honest with yourself and your friends is always a good choice):
nice view during my walking

  • Bike/bus/foot instead car- I tend to move in town using bike or bus or foot most often is possible, I calculated that in the past months my monthly fuel expense was about €160, but I am going to use car when I must to go in place too far but it happens once per week so doing a rapid calculus for the end of summer I'll save €300 not bad right?
  • shopping from my closet- I'm not going to lie I'm going to buy something during discount sales but following only my approved shopping list and buying clothes that I can reuse during the entire year, they must to mix with clothes I already have and I tend to do shopping directly from my closet... it saves a lot of money:P
  • walking instead gym- well I love walking and honestly also if I am lazy when spring arrives and journeys became longer I am going to spend outdoor more time is possible...yes bike is another kind of gym, but think a moment gym subscription has average monthly cost of €80 while walking is completely free so in the end of summer you can save €240.
  • swimming pool-day trips instead holidays- well probably this year I will have staycation summer, going into pool near home or planning some day trips instead a long holiday, well I am a travel lover but why don't choose only one place when is possible visit more...I'm going to have some little breaks but probably in September and I'll save a good amount of money.
Following these little strategies for the end of summer I will have a salary directly into my savings, but I am not going to became an extreme cheapskater so I am going to have good social life being always on a budget because it is possible!!!

Which are your savvy tips?


  1. For me it's all about limiting those recurring costs. So one thing my wife and I worked hard at is planning our meals so that we can have leftovers to bring to work for lunch the next day, as well as not buying things that we won't eat and that will go bad. Saving a little each week or month can add up over the course of years!


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