Ok most woman starts a diet only a couple of months before summer and other try to do gym during the entire year, well I'm a little bit more into this second category, infact I try to eat healty and have 30 minutes walk daily. Now I am trying to use bike more often is possible, but we must to admit every woman in the swimming pool, lake, sea will watch and maybe will be a little bit critic about other women...

So reading last issue of COSMOPOLITAN magazine there were some tips to follow to have a great body for summer....

  • YOGA-Seriously I would like to try a day this sport and I've also discovered that there are weekly meeting but I still prefer other ways...I'm not a big fan of yoga!
  • DON'T DRINK TOO MUCH ALCOHL -True if you drink too much alcohl your stomach will be full of air. This doesn't means that you cannot have a social life but that you must to drink only one glass of cocktail
  • Cut carbs and sugar for two days every week, if you cut carbs and sugar in your daily diet could be really dangerous for your healt, but doing it only for 2 days will help to detox your body.
  • Think Positive- Honestly it is necessary always and not only in summer,have you noticed that if you think positive something positive happens?
  • Find and do funny gym- is good find a gym that you like and is funny like: water-gym, zumba class &co, maybe having also a gym buddy will be more easy
  • Drink- I'm not saying that you must to drink cocktail but that you must to drink a lot of water-and for me it isn't a problem- 
  • Gym in Heels- Oh man I would do this course because I am not so good on walking on them, usually I wear heels only when I know I will stay on a chair for long time but studies prove that this kind of gym helps a lot your body and muscles:P
  • Choose  perfect bikini- I must to choose a new one but you mustn't to follow fashion. You must to find that one that you feel YOUR, drawing on you and wearing It you'll feel perfect!!!

Remember to smile, this is best accessory and tips ever!!!


  1. Only somewhat relevant but I know a lot of guys who have gained a ton of weight and can't lose it because they simply won't give up their daily beer consumption. If you can cut out alcohol - even by half - you will see results.


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