Most of my friends are planning or have already planned their summer holidays, I am working on my projects so I am going to have a sort of stay cation, but if I will have some days free I would like to visit some places in the country that I discovered only reading a guide from TURISTI PER CASO magazine that was about Unusual weekends in Italy and in Europe....and also if I'd like to spend some weekends in Europe for this summer I'm going to visit only italian places... but only if my finances will be good to do it!!!

TRIORA-This place is situated in Liguria but is 30 kilometers far from sea and this little village is rich of history, mystery and legends about witches.

CASTELL'ARQUATO- A medieval village in Emilia Romagna rich of stories about wine and history 

DOZZA- Is always situated in the region of Emilia Romagna and you can consider it a Artistic city, a real gem to discover.

MONTEMOLINO/CIVITELLA DEL LAGO/MONTECCHIO- These places are in my Region, Umbria, but I must to confess that I didn't know how could be interesting so a day trip is planned

Well I'm trying to convince a friend of mine to be by travel buddy because I am not going to travel alone, but as I wrote only if my finance will be in good state, if I will not be able to travel this summer I will have always September that usually is best period for save money on holidays


  1. Looks like some incredible places to visit! My wife and I tried to go to Italy this Summer but it wasn't in the cards. We'd love to make it out there someday.

    1. Yes they seemed incredible also for me and some are really in the neighboorhood of my hometown, so if work and finances will permit I am going to do some trips and discover unknew gems of my lovely Italy:D...I'm sure you'll have great time when you'll visit It with your wife:D


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