This past week is been good because I found a good routine that works for me, I use alarm clock only when I early appointments in the morning, while usually I tend to wake up naturally, then I make coffee with moka and then I have a good breakfast (is really important have a good one), then I start to work on my projects until lunch time if I haven't errands to I added a side hustle into my afternoon routine, infact I had babysitting from Monday until Friday and after it I have dog sitting so I tend to have weekends free, some without nothing to do and other full of thing to do and place/people to see. 

During the week I like to read, especially in the evening and so during this past week I've read a lot: Me before you, After you both of Jojo Moyes, one romance and another book and I liked a lot alls...I am been undecided if buy or not Calendar Girl book, is a sort of 50th shades of grey and honestly I haven't read the trilogy and I haven't watched the movie and I haven't problem with it. I can recommend you to read 50 smagliature di gigia/50sbavature di gino by Rossella Calabrò.

 is really funny book!..But I liked the story about Calendar Girl, try to imagine a young and beautiful woman that became an escort to help her father...but honestly at the first time I read review of it, I've thought it was only one book, in the reality books are for the moment I've bought first book and I'm going to read it in July.

I'm planning my reading for July so there is this one, No baggage by Clara Bensen, A desiderable residence by Madeleine Wickham and I love shopping in Las vegas by Sophie Kinsella...Honestly I'm going to read them inthe evening and/or during my day in the near swimming pool.

I'm using car less and my finances are became a little bit healtier andI am spending really few money, in the past week the most expensive expense is been: grocery but I've spent €60 in total and considering that I0've bought a lot of gluten free and bio products I' haven't spent a lot right? I am eating well, I'm trying to eat vegetarian more often is possible and I'm reading a lot also about vegan lifestyle...I'm a curious person...

for this week I'm going to keep my good daily routine, since I am more relaxed I sleep a lot better, sleeping better means better wake up in the morning an d good morning everyday, plus I am going to have my weekly real date with friends...
nice view during my dog sitting daily walking
  • The most I've spent this past week was on: grocery store I've done it in NaturaSi shop that is quiet expensive and the in the commercial center near home and also if I've bought biological, vegan and gluten free products I've spent €60 that I consider a good deal.
  • Today I feel Good towards money because: I've received a paycheck that I was waiting from long time, then I'm covering weekly expenses with dog sitting income so I'm going to put into my travel mug-piggy bank most of income fro baby sitting. I'm going to control and re-adjust my budget to save more but for the moment i am in a good mood!
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: messages from friends also if we haven't had our weekly date (one was in holiday and other busy with work),we kept in touch always and we are organizing for the next weeks a lot of activities.
  • I will consider this week a success: Do a lot of DIY during baby sitting work, continue decluttering into my closet and my bookshelf:P
  • Goal of the week: Go in the swimming pool at least twice and have my real dates with friends having fun! 
How is been your week?