This past week is been good, is been busy as usual but I had time to do all things I wanted and free time too and I achieved all daily tasks.
my vegan breakfast  with coconunt milk cappuccino and vegan croissants:D

I've used bike twice and car twice, one to arrive into thrifty store to sell old books (I'm still into decluttering) and the other for work in the cafe, both places are too far to arrive with bike...I was going to use bike 3 but first time I discovered that my brother changed garage's key and I haven't the new one so that day I used foot and bus, savvy and ecological way :D

I've walked a lot as dog sitter from Monday till Friday and almost all extra income from side hustle went directly into my travel mug-piggy bank and I am going to try to don't touch it until September, now that work in the cafe is stopped for summer, I'm looking for new side hustle income until September, but I am going to put a part of extra income from dog sitting into my travel mug-piggy bank.

Do you know during this past week I've slept more and better, is true when you are into stressful period, sleep isn't so good, while when you are more relaxed your healt will thank you.

In this period I'm reading my books and I am reading a lot abut vegan recipes, I've tried some vegan foods and some are been a real discover, but honestly for the moment I am not able to say no to fish and cheese, probably I'd can say no to fish and became vegetarian, but reading everything about vegans I know that there are athlete that are vegans so maybe in the future, but I already know that it will be a long and hard process for me!

During this week I added some dog sitting, so extra income will go directly into my travel mug-piggy bank, I am going to end to read Me after you by Jojo Moyes and send out letters to my pen-pals and pay my monthly bill for long distance adoption, plus I'm going to buy a book that captured my attention "CALENDAR GIRL by Audrey Carlon" and if there will be sun on Friday I'm going to wash my car...I'm going to go public Library to find a couple of books and then I am still into decluttering and re-organizing of my room and second desk!!!

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: grocery, books and monthly foreign magazines and I am been under budget,
  • Today I feel OK towards money because: I am keeping budget under control, I received extra income from old books sold into thrifty store, dog sitting and cafe, so I'm been able to cover everything, now I am working again on budget to spend less and still having good social life...hei I'm always a girl on a budge, so I'm looking for new side hustle income for the summer!
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: Reading time, honestly I love reading and when books are great I want to finish them soon, I devoured Me before you by Jojo Moyes and I'm reading Me after you I must to confess that first books are always the best but also second is nice...
  • I will consider this week a success if: I use bike 3 and If swimming pool near home is open go on it twice
  • My journey can't start without: a good cup of coffee and some cookies, usually 3, honestly I understood the importance of a good breakfast so my day can start ONLY after it 

How is been your week?