As I wrote in several post I love read and bookstore are a serious temptation for me, so in the past months also if I hadn't so many time to read, I've bought several books.
In June some books were still untouched so I started a decluttering process into my bookshelf and I keep only books I can read millions of time without be bored...

During decluttering I found this interesting book and considering that I already read all books for June, I added it to my readings. 

How to resist about this title?

I must to say it is a very interesting book, I like the first page with real experiences from the authors, I've started to ask to myself How we are so good to give suggestions to others while is so hard follow the same for us?

There are a lot of good questions with REAL answers: who pay on first date? how to attract him? Nurse or lover? and other with good replies, seriously some months ago I've read the Matthew Hussey books and I didn't like it a lot while I love this book and I'mgoing to gift a copy to a friend of mine...

Is necessary be a little bit strategic with men? Ok seriously from the day I saw the movie "He's just not into you" my mind became really open and is true you can be strategic, be a a perfect lady or a true bitch, but if he0s just not into you, he isn't stop...and honestly after years of weird relations I can say that I've learnt also to be good alone...honestly when you are god alone for real you can be really good into couple least this is my opinion!!!