Is summer and I'm trying to be more frugal, saving more still having a good social life....well reading some magazines I'm not the only one that is going to do the same :P

  • Lower your bills: Summer helps a lot on reducing bills because with longer and sunny journey you want to spend more time is possible outdoor
  • Ecological picnic: This time of year is busy on social life field with tons of events, ceremonies and also picnic but if you are trying to be savvy and ecological you must to use re-usable items and don't prepare a lot of food, you must to have right quantity and if there is more you can offer to your they'll use as lunch box. Please clean the place where you are going to have picnic and then put in the correct bin :D, nature will thanks a lot!
  •  Eco sunscreen: Honestly we'd must to use sunscreen during the entire year and not only on summer but wearing bikinis most of time respect your skin and use ecological and friendly products, helps will help you to discover best product for you!
  • Starts from a salad: you  would must to began every meal with a salad and luckily summer offers a great choice of fruit and veggie, In 2009 I am been 2 weeks in Lyon with church and well every lunch and dinner had salad as starter, maybe it is part of french women secrets:P
  • Walking: Ok I must to say that I am lazy but when arrives spring and journeys are longer I became more active and now I am trying to walk 30 minutes daily in every season:D
  • Drink fruit water: I drink a lot of water but I have a lot of friends that say that they dislike its taste, so why don't add fruit and veggie into water? on web there are a lot of recipes that will help to creat a perfect and delicious drink
  • Organize your fridge: it mustn't be too empty or too full there is a good organization method that I am understanding better in these days, right temperature and right spaces for foods, it will help your fridge and your bills
  • Biking: I'm trying to use more bike instead car so I will save a good amount from my weekly7monthly fuel and I'll add gym into my daily routine.
These are tips that don't cost a lot, some are completely free and they are perfect for who is trying to save without became an extreme cheapskates, that I admire as person but I dislike most of their methods!!!


  1. You have to find a balance between going to the extreme that the "extreme cheapskates" go and the other end of the spectrum where you aren't being frugal at all. I think finding a few ways to integrate frugality into your life is a really important for financial health.

  2. I am agree with your opinion but sometimes is esy became too savvy and frugal and also if financial part will be great other parts could be a complete disaster, but I'm working of frugal life with a good social life and without bankruptcy;P


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