There are a lot of foods that can be really helpful for our healt and beauty and in some cases also for housework - but this is another story- For example let me say how can be great LEMON into your daily routine...

I have several friends that say that they don't like to drink water, I don't have problems, but why don't try to create a good drink that will be loved also from your vegan friends?

1 l cold water
1 lemon
1 rosemery's branch
2 cm ginger root
agave syrup

Fill water in the pitcher and add lemon juice, ginger root(crushed with a knife), rosemery and agave syrup and left to stand for an hour.
filters the lemonade, add some lemon wedge and a sprig of rosemary to decorate, serve.
all pics are from google images
Believe me every single person will love it...

Lemon is also a friend of our beauty so what we can buy this week ? 
hair pin

body cream

shampoo you can buy It

 or you can try to do a DIY


And if you ask to your grandma some tips how to use it into beauty or into house, well you'll learn a lot of new things!!!