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This past week is been amazing on work side, infact into real estate agency we scheduled our days so at the beginning I opted for 28 and 29 then for some last minutes client and visits I worked also on 30th morning but then I will see agency again on 7th of January…I have great school-breaks memories :P. But I have a side hustle every afternoon from Monday till Friday at 3pm, dog sitting walks, is a part of my daily gym and it offers me enough money to cover almost all my weekly expenses… however I am going to try to cover all my weekly expenses with €25, no withdrawals are permitted and fixed monthly bills are not included into this experiment…
comfty and warm poncho gifted from my best friend, the other is working in the morning, my hair needs a hairstylist, they're a mass of mess:P
I am working on a personal project and I am very focused on it, as I am really focused on every single side project I am working on…
I love my new turquoise organizer planner:D
I’m going to keep the good habit to have at least one real date with friends at least once per week, yes we communicate always via web, facebook, twitter, instagram, what’s up, but nothing is better to have real talks and real conversation and laughs in front a good coffee or cappuccino, yes I am a coffee lover :P
daily needs
I discovered that my public library finally offers also news, so fo a book lover as me that can easily overspend inside bookstores, it is a great news, but for the moment I must to end to read all list of books I’ve bought in the past months and only when I’ll read alls I am going to try this service.
trying to learn a new foreign language, it helps to keep active the brain:D
From 16th of January  until 31st of March old car cannot have access in town from 8.30 am till 12.30 and from 3.30 pm till 6.30, yes my car is Old so I decided that this year I must to do more exercise, so, I’m going to use bike in the morning and bus in the afternoon, this will help me with the weekly cost of fuel, I am trying to save more and spend less than usual, so I am going to have frugal week experiment or better, frugal month… I already know that it will be hard because now are beginning my loved discounts sales, well I have some items to buy that already are into my approved shopping list, for something I am going to repair and not buy new item. Have you ever tried a frugal month experiment? Have you suggestions and tips?
I recived this key that is the key for car parking in the centre, no more problem t parking:D
  • The most I've spent this past week was on: monthly magazines, i love read and honestly also if digital versions are cheaper, i love toch magazines with hands and it permits me to read without stay connected
  • Today I feel GOOD towards money because: after expensive shopping for Christmas gifts and car insurance, I've kept budget under control plus I received a couple of payments and in the next days i will receive my monthly paycheck from agency
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: sleep till late morning ( for me is 10-10.30 am) without alarm clock, it is been so good, my bdy really needed it
  • I will consider this week a success if: I will learn to say at least two phrases in ungarian, it began as a bet with a friend that I've lost, now is a bet with myself, plus learn new things helps brain stay active!
  • One thing I would must to do this week is: send out snail mail, I already wrote them but I still didn't find time to go to post office to send out, so next time I'l go to pay some bills I will send out letters too
How is been your week?


  1. That poncho is so cute! And kudos for learning a new language. Thinking about brushing up some of my dormant skills myself. Ironically, our library provides a free online language learning program.

    1. yes poncho is cute and super warm, I've bet with a friend some months ago and I've lost but now I am going to try to learn at least 2-3 phrases per month...well if your library offers free courses and some seem really interesting try them!!!

  2. That poncho is so cute! And kudos for learning a new language. Thinking about brushing up some of my dormant skills myself. Ironically, our library provides a free online language learning program.


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