Ok usually happens that women try to analyze every single phrase a man said, but the ugly truth is that sometimes also men try to do the same, I’m not kidding , some days ago I was talking with a male friend that went out with a nice girl, date seemed good but then she never call7text him back so I said the truth: She is not into you.
Have ever you seen the movie or have you read the book? well the following list is the same for men and woman...

If he/she don’t asks for a date is because she/ he isn’t into you- when a men/woman are attracted from someone is normal that this person ask for a date, starts to study the person of interest, finding time to have a date. Maybe you have a friend with benefit, well this is worst thing because she or him doesn’t want to ruin friendship but still having sex, , you need to have more.

You met this guy/girl, you had a date and it seemed good but then the person of your interest didn’t call you back, never single time, so you could think a lot of “weird reasons that didn’t permit this call, well the ugly truth is that if a men/woman wants to talk with you call, find a way to do it, if there isn’t any call it means that he/she isn’t into you. Yes also woman call back when they’re interested if they aren’t is easy to ignore the phone, sorry this is the ugly truth.

If he/she doesn't say that you are Officially together, means that he/she isn't into you, ok in this case mybe is a little bit more from male side because women tend to be clear from the beginning, but yes could happens that you meet someone and this person ask to see only when he/she has time, but no plans together for the future, while if you are in a weird situation "I am dating this guy but I am not sure if we are a couple or not" well the best tip is run away from this kind of people.

If she/he doesn't want to have sex with you is because isn't into you...ok in some cases could be possible that the person want to have sex only after marriage and need to respect this choiche, but normally if a couple stay together, go together into official occasions, is normal that there is chemistry. If the person say that is ok to have sex before marriage and he/she isn't going to have with you is because, he/she isn't into you. Is normal after years of marriage that sex field change, but hey it's normal.

If you are in a relation and you discover that you are horny well the ugly truth is that this person is not into you and you must to run away from he/she, cancel his/her number and ignore every single excuse you'd find. Respect yourself first.

You met a guy and seemed nice and funny, maybe a little bit drunk...ok sometimes is normal drink a little bit more than usual, but if this "gentle" guy ask to see you only when is drunk, take notes how many times you met him drunk and how many was sober, well if he was always or almost always drunk he isn't into you and you cannot permit to yourself to say always yes to him.

You are in this relation from several years, but no date yet, he still didn't ask to marry, using a long list of excuses, well sorry but after years if a men want to stay with you must to demostrate and if he doesn't ask "will you marry me?" sorry he is not into you.

When a men says "I'm not going to stay with you", "I don't want a relation with you" well it means exactly what he said, so don't find excuse like "now is ok, maybe later he'll change idea", if a men will want stay with you he'll demostrate you, but I know you are a smart woman so you already know that he is not into you

if he/she hides without a trace means that isn't interested into knowing you better, this is equal for men and women, so guess what it means?

If he is a married man, please stop to see this men, the ugly truth is that he will came back to his wife always and soon you'll became an old toy...it is simple but sometimes men are really good on "having secrets"...some years ago I've met a nice guy and we went out for some time, we met on free days for boths...I've built a good friendship with his best friends, there were things that weren't good, I had questions and infact I've discovered soon that he was married...I didn't want to ruin a family so I stopped to see this guy and it is been best decision ever...infact i know that he still has other woman but he never leave his wife...don't waste your best year waiting that something change, married men are dangerous and you must to have better.

If he is a monster or bitch well you would mustn't waste time with this kind of person because he is not into you, when someone is really interested try to find everything to keep happy the other.

What would you must to pretend in a relation or from a date?

  • would must the men to ask a date
  • I will not wait foever near the phone
  • would must to be sure to stay with me
  • will mustn''t to be afraid about future
  • Never waist time with someone that refused us
  • Married men are married and dangerous STAY AWAY FROM THEM
  • Find someone that became your best friend, lover, support, confident and that respect you and make you happy always!!! 

 Ok in the end of movie Gigi is exception and every woman would be the exception, well the truth is that she will be the exception for the perfect Mr right!!!