Ok this week would must to be the beginning of my frugal lifestyle, well seems that things aren't going as I hoped and planned, because during this week I need to do several reprairs on gym shoes, eyeglasses, jeans and I needed to have an afternoon for my hair colour, so this means that this week my frugal experiment cannot began because is impossible cover all these voices with €20, considering that only for hair colour I've paid €30...
I feel a lot similar to Flinston's daughter:P

However as I wrote technically discount sales are began and I'm taing notes of things I like,then I see if I already similar items into my closet to copy that look and for the moment I've bought to myself only a little ring from Stroili Oro (I love this brand for €9,90, but I am totally in love with new daily arrive at H&M (this shop is a true daily temptation for my wallet, luckily from 7th I will return to work at real estate agency and on 9th and10th I will work into the cafe, more extra money, necessary because during this month I absolute must to do car review...I am thinking tha tJanuary will be quiet expensive on the first half of the month, but I am trying to keep budget under control!!!
H&M: I love outfit on left side, also if I still don't understand why I would musst to buy cutted jeans, however I already have similar items to copy the outfit!!!

I didn't found boots, or better I saw a nice pair at BATA, but some collegues and friends of mine said that they had problem with their products...hopefully I will find them soon, and on the next week I will must to find lovely unicorn slippers that I am going to gift to my friend Claudia for her birthday together a little basket full of diy treats for movie night at home ( I found this idea on youtube and I loved it)!!!

Some of my friends suggested to search ideal pair of boots directly on web using Zalando, but honestly also if I know that hey found great deals, shoes are things that I need to try, maybe I could try and see if exist same version on internet, usually web offer great deals, and now with discount sales, together deals...is official everyone became a little bit like Becky Bloomwood...come on every woman LOVES SHOPPING!!!

So I wish you happy Epiphany and great shopping sessions!!!