I can say that I know a big amount of people but I consider real friends a small group, they are person that I attend regularly like Claudia, Samantha, Federica, but also people that lives in another cities like Noemi and Irene but we still keep in touch…web, social platforms and what’s up help a lot in the process…

I’m not agree when people say that true friendship between women is impossible, me and my group can demostrate the exactly opposite… we have a great relation based on honesty and also if point of views are different every one respects others ideas.

We went out for Easter, my friend Claudia drove 8 hours to Modena to help me  to spend some hours with some one of my best friends, we talked a lot but last time we met in person was 10 years ago),we ate out and laughed a lot, cried a lot (usually for men or movies and sometimes for family problems)…this is what true friends does, talking all night long, spend time with you doing nothing, say their real opinions, wearing pajamas and zero make up. sunbathing, say stupid and serious things and more...

I feel lucky to have my girls, they are been and still are a true support in some hard moment of my life, yes we aren’t perfect, but we are human so I consider us PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!!!