I was talking with some friends about the fact that a lot of young in their 30 are still living with their family (I’m too) because they can’t afford mortage, salary are too low to build something… then I was talking with other friends that are able to manage more than 3 jobs at same time to save quickly and don’t ask nothing to their family...try you to live alone pay a rent, with a monthly salary less of €1000... this is another story...

I love read fashion magazine and from some time finally also Cosmopolitan has articles dedicated to finance, savings, budget, my attention in the last issue is been captured from 30 signals that you must to have to say “I’m an adult!...or better what a woman would must to have before 30…

  • A piece f art –original, well you could ask for it as your birthday gift, but maybe if your friends have finances similar to yours, well maybe it could be a little bit complicated… personally I have copies and I’m proud of them:p
  • A Statement bag- ok every woman would have a Hermes, a Kelly or a Chanel, but  have you ever see how is their price? Honestly if I would invest that money into deposit for a home…home in my opinion is always a good investment…
  • A spicy story-ok I could be agree, if you are single and you still don’t a want a family is ok have a spicy story, you will tell smiling between 10 years
  • A gym schedule- Ok I must to say I would really have a good plan for gym but I don’t have enough time and during winter I am serious lazy, I can have a good one in spring and summer not before.
  • A good mattress: Absolutely agree, have a good one means good sleeping, better relax and good healt:P
  • A good set of screwdriers-also if you are a woman and screwdrivers are for male, is really good to be able to use it alone, ask to your male friends swapping for cooking lesson or something other, boths will be happy!
  • Investment-if you saved enough money you would put them into a good investment, a house, a flat, a business…
  • A good set of kitchen’s furniture: pans, glasses, dishes & co, so you can invite friends and they’ll be envy about your kitchen's furniture
  • An app for your finances-web can help a lot, now smartphone have a lot of apps about finances, savings, budget & co, it will help you in the long time
  • The perfect lipstick: it must to have great color perfect from morning to late night, perfect for work, dates and other, so you will be perfect also with bad time
  • Passport-oh yes if I only could I’d take a flight every week end for a new place, but for the moment is not possible, so before to have a family or when they leave the nest you need to travel:D
  • Into your shoe’s closet you’d must to have: a pair of boots, a pair of heels, a pair of flat shoes, a pair of sandals and a pair of gym shoes, this is perfect combo for every kind of situation.
  • A saving account- I am agree but for the moment I have my bank account only, but it could be a good deal to save more having direct deposit form your ordinary account.
  • A good friend that make you laugh a lot- nothing is better of a real and sincere laugh, plus if you have a friend that is able to do it often, keep it!!!
  • An ex boyfriend that you can recommend to another woman-ok I must to say that I am not so agree about hang out and date with a ex of your friends, but I know people that don’t have problems about it, but hey it is personal.
  •  A good archive and nope your shoes box doesn’t count you must to use excel, I use a notebook dedicated to finances where I track every single purchase, and entrance of money but yes I must to admit I still have a shoe’s box where I have receipts:P
  • Be informed and have an opinion about several topics, try to imagine this scenario, you are on a diner-lunch-whatever you want with a group of friends, then they start to have a long conversation about last events into politics, finance, art, cinema and they ask your opinion and you don’t say nothing because, you aren’t informed…well is always bettr to know what is happening and have a personal opinion…yes your could be different from other but it is your!!!
  • A good insurance- it could be useful on life, work, car and several field, private
  • Be proud about your body. Ok is normal to dream about wake up and became like a top model, but when you accept yourself and your imperfections, you’ll became more nice person.
  • Have a Business card-if you are agent, realtor or you are trying to create your business well have a business card is very important and there are sites that offer great deals.
  • Sex toy-ahem, I’m not so agree but ok in the article is wrote that is necessary to have one…
  • A good pc/laptop…and nope your smartphone doen’t count as pc, you need to have a good desktop pc/laptop that offer good working performances.
  • Have a Favorite cocktail: ok if I must to say my favorite cocktail is PROSECCO, but you must to choose something that you love and not take something only because your friends are going to order it, be always yourself
  • Good lingerie: this means eliminate bad, broke, with holes lingerie, come on Tezenis, H&M, Intimissimi, Yamamy offer great models at real affordable prices
  • Emergency fund, it would must to cover expenses from 3 till 6 months and it is very helpful when you have unexpected bills to pay or if you lost your job, it is a cushion for rainy days
  • Pieces that every woman would must to have into her closet: a trench, a little black dress, a good wristwatch, a good pair of jeans
  • Write your will on paper and you can think about legalize it with an attorney
  • A profile on LinkedIn, it is best social platform for work so is essential to have a good profile and resume and yes it would help you to build connects
  • A good home furniture -décor  that mustn’t be build, a couch, a table something that you love and be strong
  • A doctor- is essential to have a good one, I am agree also if I still don’t have sympathy for this category, sorry 
When I ended to read all the list I thought that also if I still haven't all voices of the list I'm already into Adulthood and I know that I'm in good company!!!