This past week is been intense, for hot tempetaures, for work and also for social life...I'm glad that I am been able to spend 2 days with 2 friend of mine, plus I did shopping-maybe a little bit too much shopping- but now I am in the phase of decluttering and reorganizing, so I'm still deciding rules for shopping ban period...I'm going to buy for essential things like: grocery, beauty products, gifts, fuel, magazines (I know that digital versions are cheaper but I like to have real paper and the opportunity to read it when I want without stay connected) but no new clothes (also if I would must to do a list of clothes I can buy during shopping ban like a winter coat & co.) but I know it will hard because seems that when you decide to don't buy nothing shops have everything you loved and wanted...temptation..hard temptation...but I'm an adult so I must to find a good deal (new post soon)

I used free time to read and I already almost finished a lovely romance book, I know for me is more complicated to don't buy books - I can spend a lot into bookstores- but I am going to decluttering also my collection keeping only book that I loved and I can read and read again without getting bored...

Well with this intense work I didn't go into pool as often as I wanted but I am going to take an entire day (or one afternoon) this week and relax into the mind is asking a little bit of relax... plus I am going to use the month of august to think about work side, there is the possibility to came back into real estate agency and this would mean keep work in the cafe only for Sundays from October till June, but it'll mean have real collegues and a real office...well as I said I need to think well about a lot of things on work side.

Travel: probably this year I will not have true holidays but I am going to enjoy my sort of stay cation, luckily I am quiet near from lake-sea-mountain, so I can do lovely day trips without intacking my finances:P ...However I am discovering also nice corner in my hometown, when you decide to be a tourist in your hometown you'll discover always something new:P
My plate in Fujiama a japanese-chinese restaurant
Me and my friend Noemi

Me and my friend Claudia

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: Shopping, yes I did shopping I've bought a t-shirt, a pair of earrings, a pair of flat pumps, a maxi bag, several books, 2 pens, a bikini, lunch with friend, but honestly I am going to use every single items I've bought but for the month of august is better to keep myself far from shop (especially H&M)
  • today I feel NORMAL towards money because I am doing a new monthly budget, deciding for decluttering some areas and how to have a good shopping ban period, but I must to find a good balance between shopping ban and social life, alos if I loved every single things I've bought I think I've spent a little bit too much...but seriously I am not going to became a extreme cheapskater
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: spend quality time with my friend
  • I will consider this week a success if I will be able to have nordic walking at least twice in the evening, so fresh air coul help to soak a little bit less:P...but considering that I don't like a lot do gym alone I'm going to ask to my friend Sammy
  • I'm thinking about: a lot of things: work, diy projects, decluttering, finances, pool,travels I'd like to do(now they're planned only into my mind)


  1. I've been using my free time to read too. I fell out of the habit for awhile so over the weekending I revisited some of my favorite books on my Kindle.

    1. I know that kindle and ereaders are good, they don't needs a lot of space but honestly I prefer old fashion version paper!!!

  2. Che carine che siete te e la tua amica!!!
    Quel piattino di sushi e involtini mi fa pensare che devo tornare al più presto al ristorante giapponese :-)

    The Princess Vanilla

    1. Grazie, per non appanzarmi troppo visto i cinesi-giapponesi friggerebbero pure il tavolo, ho optato per cucina al vapore e solo per le alghe e i dolci mi sn concessa i fritti...cucina buona che non uccide il portafoglio:P


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