Let me say that Christmas is also a good period to indulge into foodie, ok I am in a sort of diet but this doen't means that I say no to everything...the secret is a little bit of everything:P
Directly from my american holiday in 2012

I like cooking, It is a sort of relax time, most of "thinking, solution and resolutions" happened during cooking or baking... also during reading before sleep, ye I am that kind of girl that read before sleeps:P...also travel destinations are ben decided during those moments

Yesterday I suggested a book "viaggiare in Poltrona" and after nannay's work session I was returnig to my car and walked in front a bookshop and I didn't resist, so I enetered choose a nice calendar (planning and with a wonderful Tiffany's colour), and then I went into travel section and I've found it, how resist to it? so I've bought calendar for 2015 and this book...because I'd like to do a little travel for New year Eve....

For the moment my destinations are:

Warsaw/Poland- to learn more about Chopin, plus great historical places to visit...

London- this is a classic destination for every traveling lover but isn't so far and not so expensive like 
New York, honestly it is a lot better for my pockets

Paris-ok I must to admit that I am seriously fashinated from Paris Living pics and I still remember so well my little holiday in Lyon that is considered the cheap twin of Paris that is absolutely necessary visit also it ( I must to confess that I dislike their coffee while I am totally in love for their croissant)

Bolzano's Xmas market-ok this is a things that I would like to do since my childhood, unluckily èrices aren't not so friendly but this could be a nice idea

However I need to control very very very well my finances after Christmas and see what and when I can afford because I am always a girl n a budget:P


  1. Un giro per i mercatini natalizi di Bolzano piacerebbe tantissimo anche a me!
    Fabrizia - Cosa mi metto???


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