There are movies that are always a pleasure, especially in this time of the year...honestly I have a little passion for cartoon like Beauty and the Beast but I like also other kind of movie.

IF you are on a budget, don't worry,  luckily inthis perios locals offer a lot of low cost events...cinema offer special deals too, but I really reccommend dvd at home nights, followed by sleepover...a true childhood return.

Movies to watch :

NEVERENDING STORY: Let me say that I have a secret passion for that dog/dragon, would be great watch NEVERENDING STORY 1 and 2, I must to admit that I didn't like so much the third. Great adventure perfect also for romantic dreamers.

A WALK TO REMEMBER: lovely movie based on Nicholas Sparks book, romantic story about how true love can change a person, I like a lot the soundtrack of it.

FIREPROOF: ok this is one of my favourite christian movie, I loved also book of it, How faith in God can work and change in better a couple's life.

SEX AND THE CITY: if you loved this series (and I still love it) you'll love this movie, with real fashion, true friendship and LOVE...

CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC: based on Sohie Kinsella's book this movie is perfect for fashion lover, I must to confess that I still have some moment like Becky but luckily I have a budget to respect and I became a military on it!

LITLLE WOMANS: I always liked this movie, I loved books and is so nice watch snow, I must to
say that I am been a little bit envy about sisterhood that there is in this movie, I like every single things of it.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Cartoon version is my favourite from Walt disney cartoon, I love how Belle teach to the Beast that doesn't exist only bad, there are several emotions. I must to confess that in the cartoon I prefer Best befor trasformation into human version.


  1. Potrei guardare Sex and the city migliaia di volte!
    Fabrizia - Cosa mi metto???

  2. Siamo in due, Sex & the city film o serie ha sempre un suo perchè :P


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