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Don't you love this Valentino dress? yes I like it but I am not able to justify a purchase SO EXPENSIVE...most of people that I know for work and aren't friends usually are socked because they think that every woman could spend a fortune on clothes...well I'm not that kind of woman...I find so fun looking for cheapest version of high street brands:P

Let me explain, I am a woman that loves shopping and clothes but to be honest I am an avid reader and I could spend thousands of money on books and office supplies, when Iw orked in a call center, under the office there were: a mechanic, an hairdresser, a restaurant cafe, freezed fish shop, kid's clothes shop and my favourite shop ...I was into it at least twice per week and everytime I've bought block notes, new pens, stationary set (also if I still envy my american/english friends that find nice stationary also in the supermarket).

Usually every year and every change of season I open my closet take out everything there is inside and I keep only clothes that I really wear, there are clothes that are really old and other almost new,but maybe wear twice in total or never (yep I also had bad impulsive shopping, worst buys ever)...

I can admit working most of the morning from home I could wear pajama all the time, then in the afternoon where I am involved as nanny, I have my comfty "uniform": jeans shirt, maxi bag and flat shoes(biker boots, flat boots, sneakers)...This doesn't means that I don't see elegant dress, I always invite for parties that need elegant outfits...but sometimes I am not able to of my friends graduated and she'll do a great pparty for her university degree on 8th of November, well that day I will work till late but I'm going to say Hi, so I'll must to take at work a change for swap clothes...

Do you know that I'm in love when I must to choose  a Xmas gift but I am quiet terrible with degree's gift?my mind is alway considerating if is better buy something for future profession or is better do something that man/girl really loves? Well usually I ask directly to person that will receive gift and I receive almost always same answer "IS ok everything"....after panik attack for at least 3 minutes, I start to see where the person show more interest...I still remember when one of my college's friend took her degree and invited us to her party, well she received a lot of pens (this is a MUST for every kind of degree's gift) while I opted for a big fower composition and a little charm, she loved it I am been the only one that noticed that she loved that charm... MAybe I notice because I am a  woman, most men don't put attention also when we spend an entire day in front of a jewelery especcialy in front a determinated kind of ring/necklace/earrings/bracelet...

However during party for university degree there are two kind of style: super casual and super my personal opinion would must to be a sort of average of two style, a casual elegant also because attention would must to be on the person that took DEGREE or not?
I'd choose something like:

To be honest I've tried several times to do smokey eyes, but is a lot complicated especcially for a woma that use only Mascara and lipbalm, with some lipstick but no usually I ask to a friend of mine to do my make up for special occasion or if I don't have material time I use this lovely sticky smokey eyeshadow, they're good and quick...I've found them in Sephora shop some times ago and honestly they're perfect for party...

I've also bought false lashes but honestly I think they'll remain in their box for loooong time

What about your look for this kind of party?


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Era da un pò che mi frullava in testa l'idea di intervistare amici di blog e amici di altri campi e, tenere queste interviste almeno una volta al mese. Ho iniziato con Silvia (la sua intervista qui) ed ora è il turno di Valerio, ragazzo affascinante e simpatico (dico io) con qualche capello bianco (dice lui), ora noi è da Febbraio che proviamo a organizzarci per un caffè ma ancora non ci siamo riusciti, così se all'inizio pensavo di fare questa intervista di fronte ad una tazza di caffè reale, per ora ce lo prendiamo virtualmente...Valerio è stato carinissimo e disponibile, nonostante i suoi miliardi di impegni...ovviamente in rosso i miei commenti
Iniziamo con l'intervista:
Presentati (nome, data di nascita, professione,studi passioni, hobbies) Mi chiamo Valerio Chibbaro, nato a Roma il 08/08/1982 e tra poco compirò ben 35 anni.  Quindi mi tocca farti un regalo che ti darò ...uhm...boh...a Natale?Dai dai che l'uomo acquista in fascino con età e capelli grigi, George Clone…



Continuo con la mia serie di interviste ad amici di blog, ho iniziato con l'intervista di Silvia per poi passare a Valerio ed ora mi oriento nuovamente sulla moda intervistando Babaluccia. ho scoperto il suo blog da un commento su un altro mi era piaciuto il nome e sono andata a spulciare poi le ho spedito una email con la proposta dell'intervista e lei è stata carinissima, ecco qui il risultato -ovviamente le foto le ho copiate dal suo blog-ieri lo ho riletto e mi sembrava mancasse qualcosa, ovvero i miei commenti accanto(in rosso):P quindi ho modificato il post spero vi piaccia:D
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Ciao sono Babaluccia una donna italiana con la moda nelle vene , anche se a questa mia debolezza sono riuscita a dedicarmi solo nella seconda parte della mia vita dopo aver lasciato un lavoro da imprenditrice e aver trovato un pò di leggerezza nella mia vita impegnata e soffocata. La moda e tutto ciò che la circonda è un espressione artistica che ha bisogno di un’anima libera per…