I needed some time for myself, looking and understanding what I was doing and what I want to do, and I noticed that I didn't a lot of things...but I am focused on do everything, I watched again, maybe for the 1000000 times Sex & the city, the movie and I must to confess I wanted to be Carrie, but not for the story with Mr Big-ok maybe also for it- but because she does the work of my dream journalist/writer...

Plus she has a lovely flat and and incredible closet full of amazing clothes and shoes...every girls could die for it!!!

I am working hard on my body, on my diet and on my finances...I'd like to have some news also into my love life but it is a complicated story...but before to think to men I must to think about myself...I decided to change hair colour, I am brunette but I need to have a change and before to have stable finances that permit me to fly almost every week end I need to show off my true blonde nature...

I am finish to write a sort of book, I never had courage to send it out but now I have, I don't want to think "oh if I only had", I want to say "I tried" and this book is one thing I want to try to do. 

I talked with my hairstylist and I decided to turn blonde, I will post a picture in the end of the month, for the moment I'm going in the pool and I don't want to damage hair more than is necessary...

When you have a lovely group of female friends you're never alone they will be always on your side....and one thing I can say for sure I have my lovely females friends and in everyone of us there is a little bit of Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and Carrie and every one force the other to push out the best version of US!!!


  1. I'm sure that with this positive mind you will get the changes you desire!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???


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