This morning I wake up at normal time, tok my calculator, paper and pensil, I tried to use pens at first time but I did a lot of corrections, I am underrstanding which areas I can plan better to have a better budget, also if I am became quiet good with spending habits, usually I don't ovespend and in the end of the week I still have money inside wallet, at the beginning of budget I ovespent and no money in the wallet, now more, but yes I still have a social life and do a lot of interesting things...I don't know why but most people think that you can have fun only if you pay for---completely disagree---

Weather is not so good this morning, sky is grey and probably will rain soon but I am going to do a lot of things at home considering that most of my friends are working in the hours I'd be free, well I'll spend wuality time together with parents!!!

Yesterday I also decide for some things that I absoloute must to do this week:


  • clean and reaorganize second desk of my room
  • reorganize the boks, deciding which to gift and which to keep
  • clean windows
  • reorganize my parents wardrobe, looking for what to keep and what to donate to charity
  • reorganizer the cabinets
  • week menu planning
  • list of grocery shopping for the week
  • eat healty, seasonal, tasty
  • reorganize every section of it, probably I'll must to buy some little boxes to have more organized spaces
Then tomorrow there is weekly flea market and considering that probably I visit it twice in my entire life, I am going to go here tomorrow morning seing fashion items, home decor, veggies and fruit and do a long walk (yep I am going to don't use car this week I force to myself to think about good gym will gift me great and toned legs, plus I like walking-hoping that will there be sun)

Maybe it is not so long for many person, honestly I know women that loves do houseworks while I don't love so much, I love cook but unluckily dishes don't wash by themself... I know that a house must to be clean and usually I try to plan also housework but in some period I am so busy with work 7 days that when I am free I do all that I planned all at once-that isn't so good- so I am trying to be more organized trying to do once per month big cleaning and then little daily tasks...

I like to read Good housekeeping UK and the blog honey we're home maybe because  there is a part of me that would likeot be the ideal woman with good work and a perfect clean and very well organized home but to be honest at 100% I am perfectly imperfect!!!


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