This past week is been good for finance, Iplanned and respect with a real DISCIPLINE my plan also if every time I went into commercial center for grocery shopping, my eyes felt instantly in love for some outfits into H&M shop, butapart food and newspaper I didn't overspent.
I met some frienxds of mine, I'm so glad that I am respecting this goal since January, me and my 2 ex schoolmates spent a really nice afternoon, we usually have our annual meeting on Easter day, while this year cause one was spending a lovely and romance holiday with fiancè, we met some days later, I cooked a cheese cake, that is a little bit different from Us cheescake, it is a soft ruatic cake with pecorino cheese, Taty took mini sweets and Chiara offered us a selection of tons of food: rustic cake with ham, prosciutto and mozzarella cheese, crostata with cherry marmelade and other thing, we didn't eat all but we had a sort of happy hour-dinner we could call aperidinner:P...GREAT TIME together(also we didn't our classic photo, we're too tired in the end)!!!

Yesterday new champion about tennistable stated and I worked a lot yesterday, today is my day off and then I'll work all days of this incoming week and I'll must to use car daily:( is too far to use bike and bus hour aren't completely bad for my work shifts!!!

I'm planning a little week end inTuscany this summer, luckily most of frienda that are living in other cities offer me a bed, this means that I need pay only for travel and not also for accomodation, this is a really good point for someone that is always on a budget!!!
Hopefully I will have time, work permitting, honestly in this moment work is my priority...also if I'd like to travel a lot more but I'm sure that soon I'll be able to do 3-4 mini escape for year!!!

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: grocery and foreign monthly magazine, reading english and american magazine permit me to do exercise with language knowledge and learn more words...daily exercise, my favourite magazine are Good housekeeping UK and US version.
  • Today I feel really good towards money because during this week I'll earn enough to pay all bills for may, deposit most of it in the bank, save and still have a leftover for fun stuff (usually is eat an ice cream with friend), plus the month of May will permit me to save a lot more quickly, It will be a very busy month
  • Money can't buy happiness, One free thing I did last week that made me happy was: the annual meeting with Chiara and Taty, basically we spent quality time together talking about what we did, our goals, gossip and more....girl's things,cosnidering that we're all 30 is better to say Woman's things!!!
  • I will consider this week a success if I will be able to respect the weekly budget and if I'll find 15 minutes daily for exercise (maybe I'll use also work hours for invisible gym)
  • I'm looking for : summer I want the sun and time for sunbathing at swimming pool, this year I'd like also do water gym course, I like water!!!


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