I love traveling, also if since I have a budget and be really busy with works doesn't permit me to do it often as I'd like, however this doesn't mean that I don plan little gateway, big and luxury travels...and I must to confess I like my region Umbria, because it is rich of lots of things: history, art, tradition, amazing landscapes and delicious food...

If you want to do a sporty and interesting holiday you would must to choose Umbria, you can do a week holiday for €200, so it is also low cost but this is for nature lovers because it includes: camping, trekking, horses, long walking etc etc!!!

What would you see in the week trial from Monteluco di Spoleto to Castelluccio di Norcia:

  • Pontuglia( tha tis a fraction of Scheggino a place that I remmeer well because into childhood me and parents use to fish)
  • Sant'anatolia di Narco
  • Natural Oasi of Coscerno and Aspra's mountains
  • Civita of Cascia Common
  • National park of Sibillini
then if you would like to continue visit also:
  • Piediluco's Lake (in the months of April an May there is canoing champions)
  • Marmore's falls
  • Carsulae

The cost of €200 doen't includes flight/train/car cost