Most people with crisis lost their job, most tried to enter into the market of work but most of youths don't know how to do a good job interview and it is bad cause firs meeting and first impression is like a business card, more you're attractive (and I am not talking about image, at least not only) you must to study a little bit to be prepared abut the position, the company-industry-society where you would like to work.

I was reading last issue of Cosmopolitan magazine and there was a very interesting article about to have a job interview, in the article the company was Google, but every single suggestion can be used for every kind of job, position and industry-company!!!

  • not be prejudiced -  Maybe some companies may seem light years away, but in reality can provide you with many opportunities, the interview may be in English or Italian, always better to inquire first.
  • Don't be limited-Be open to all opportunitiesthat you show up, you are applying for a place and then the employer understands that you have the characteristics to another. Be flexible
  • BE prepared - You studied the company to 360 ° so you know immediately that field is, what it covers, the rojects that produced and those in progress. Maybe some things may seem strange but a smattering global company will help you understand many things already before the interview and ask targeted questions earns you points :)
  • Problem Solving - this is a really plus into a company, if you are a problem solver is great but you can also work on it, finding new way to find problem's solution, and if you'll work with a team you need to be able to talk, work and mediate with the group. and in rapid time.
  • Leadership: if you are been hired, you can talk your project that are been succefully achieved, in you are applyng for a junior position also volounteer projects count. DEscribe them in the details saying what would you change and why and explain why the project is been a success. Believe in yourself!!!
  • Personality: you must to be brilliant, unique and flexible, maybe you're orking into a field andyour company ask to help another field Do it, every single occasion is a occasion to improve skills and knowledge. If you're still doing job interview also if we know that salary, holiday and benefits are important, don't ask andtalk about this topics as first person, is better to ask more nformation aboutthe company then will be the company to talk about salary, holidays and benefits.
Yep also look is important but a good professional look with a nice blazer, good pair of pants and nice shoes combined with fresh and clean face (natural make up) clean hair and good perfume (not too much please!) will do the rest.... 

Then remember be prepared, flexible, open and first BELIEVE ALWAYS IN YOURSELF!!!