Looking on the calendar Spring is officially arrived, also if temperature bacame a little bit colder and light trench is been changed with a more warm coat... However with spring there is a lovely return of colours and blossom...longer journeys permit to do more things and usually I am able to end all list of daily things I must to do. 

Looking inside shops is nice see how fashion changes, there are return from past but if you are on a budget you need to invest in some statement and classic pieces that you can mix with clothes and accessory you already have...being on a budget help and teach you to plan a budget and follow it!!!

However also if you're on a budget you can also do "only" window shopping and take mental notes of things you'd like to have, then you can choose one and save for it!!! little reward as short term goal achieved!!!

MY cousin is gettin married in the month of June and I am not going to buy a new dress for the occasion, cause I already have elegant and comfty dress for special occasion and also shoes, so this will help me to save money... honestly I prefer spend money of gift for the little girl will born in the end of June, that on a dress that I will use once or really dfew times, while the dresses I already have into my closet are good, low cost and perfect also for work, yep I tend to choose outfit that are good from work till late night!!!

Reading fashion magazines I lovd those items:

All items are from Asos.com

Watching inside other shop I love those:

Both images are from Dalani.it

All things are low cost, also if in some shops prices were really really high, but being on a budget I started to dream only affordable things:P