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This  week went very well, because I?ve met friends on real dates, spent more time with parents-and honestly now that asparagus season is began is also funny do some activities together, I am sending out a lot of resumes to find a job with higher salary and I am still studing for my realtor exam......

This saturday I worked a lot, and I've eoffered to my boss and collegues a delicious handmade apple pie, everyone of them said that tase amazing-hurrah for me!!!-

About financial side, I'm been quiet proud because I didn't overspend on unexcpected bills or impulsive shopping, plus I did more several free activities with friends and parents and everyone enjoyed them, honestly with true freind is also possible stay sit on a bench and have great time!!!

My second desk is full of notebooks, seems that I am turn back into college for exam's session while I'm preparing only one exam, but it is very very important for me pass it at first time, also because if you fail it you need to wait time and repay a little bit more of €100 in the cost of subsription for it, this is one of the reason because I am studying hard... try to image if I fail several times, forr example 6 this single exam to became a licensed realtor would cost me more than €600 and with this budget I could do at least 3 low cost week ends outside Italy!

I was talking with other friend of mine that finished also their master degree but now they hoose to do another exam to became licensed Accountant, well they must to choose the place that cost less because this exams coul be really expensive, for example in Perugia it costs €500, in Teramo €200 and I don't want to know how much is in Rome...exams are a never ending story:P

I'm doing a lot of planning for diy projects, I'm doing advertising to writear and for a friend of my brothar,, I am organizing my journeys with a schedules, but cause I am also missing real collegues and real offices I'm sending out resumes, I sent also the other day into a real estatee agency-yep you can say that I loe every single aspect of real estate, I can spend hours watching buying & selling with Scott's brother-..

  • The most I've spent this past week was on:honestly I can say that this is beenthe first week since I have a budget to respect that I am been good, I bought only a pair of new shoes- I know I said no new shops or other fashion items till the end of march but the other night I noticed that I have only 1 pair of shoes for spring and I need to change so I opted for a nice model that is perfect with jeans, with business look and also with dresses:P
  • Today I feel towards money good yesterday I received a paycheck, next week I'll receive another from cafe and I need only to follow the budget I planned ahead!!!
  • Money can't buy happiness One free thing I did last week that made me happy was go with parents to search asparagus in the parks, good quality time doing exercise at the same time:)
  • I will consider this week a success if I'll follow my list of things to do daily and do everything-hopefully plan will works well also here-
  • Best investment of money this week: shoes, I paid only €18 for this black flat shoes that are èerfect with every kind of outfit- I m ust to admit that I felt in love also for not essential high heels shoes in that shops and prices are affordable-but I don't buy nothing if I don't really need them...


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Era da un pò che mi frullava in testa l'idea di intervistare amici di blog e amici di altri campi e, tenere queste interviste almeno una volta al mese. Ho iniziato con Silvia (la sua intervista qui) ed ora è il turno di Valerio, ragazzo affascinante e simpatico (dico io) con qualche capello bianco (dice lui), ora noi è da Febbraio che proviamo a organizzarci per un caffè ma ancora non ci siamo riusciti, così se all'inizio pensavo di fare questa intervista di fronte ad una tazza di caffè reale, per ora ce lo prendiamo virtualmente...Valerio è stato carinissimo e disponibile, nonostante i suoi miliardi di impegni...ovviamente in rosso i miei commenti
Iniziamo con l'intervista:
Presentati (nome, data di nascita, professione,studi passioni, hobbies) Mi chiamo Valerio Chibbaro, nato a Roma il 08/08/1982 e tra poco compirò ben 35 anni.  Quindi mi tocca farti un regalo che ti darò ...uhm...boh...a Natale?Dai dai che l'uomo acquista in fascino con età e capelli grigi, George Clone…



Continuo con la mia serie di interviste ad amici di blog, ho iniziato con l'intervista di Silvia per poi passare a Valerio ed ora mi oriento nuovamente sulla moda intervistando Babaluccia. ho scoperto il suo blog da un commento su un altro mi era piaciuto il nome e sono andata a spulciare poi le ho spedito una email con la proposta dell'intervista e lei è stata carinissima, ecco qui il risultato -ovviamente le foto le ho copiate dal suo blog-ieri lo ho riletto e mi sembrava mancasse qualcosa, ovvero i miei commenti accanto(in rosso):P quindi ho modificato il post spero vi piaccia:D
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Ciao sono Babaluccia una donna italiana con la moda nelle vene , anche se a questa mia debolezza sono riuscita a dedicarmi solo nella seconda parte della mia vita dopo aver lasciato un lavoro da imprenditrice e aver trovato un pò di leggerezza nella mia vita impegnata e soffocata. La moda e tutto ciò che la circonda è un espressione artistica che ha bisogno di un’anima libera per…