Today is the last day of March, lucily sun and temperature are warm like spring would must to be... I had time to work, to relax, hang out with friends, have sunbathing and I did shopping... In the past week I repaired a pair of blue jeans, that means I don't need to buy a new pair, I bought a new bra and a new black shirt that work perfectly with clothes I already have inside my I prepared shopping bag with clothes for charity!!!

I ate Chinese but honestly my stomach isn't been so good during night, maybe is because I eat more healty or that night I was more nervous and irritated, usually my stomach send me signals like those when I am more stressed than usual...

I went out with friends, worked on saturday night (side hustle is working), relax yesterday and gifted myself with a delicious ice-cream (dark chocolate and coconut are my favourite favors)... in this week I must to fix an appointment with accountant and talk about some things, plus is almost arrived time for taxes declaration - I already know that I'll spend an entire morning for our lovely italian burocracy-

However last friday I was walking in the center looking clothes inside shop and then I put my foots in my favurite place "the bookshop" and I didn't resist, I've bought 2 books- I considered them part of my birthday gift- and I've already finished one...

This morning I wake up late than usual but I woke up, dressed and went in the neighboorhoods doing a long walking, morning gym -after a big cup of coffee!!!-my body thanks and also legs ( I am just noticing some little changes, this means that my healty diet+gym is working well)

  • The most I've spent this last week was on books, not too much I spent €22,80, and fuel, now I am thinking that if in the month of may I came back to work into a office I will need to plan a good budget, men how many budget I am planning...hate-love relationship
  • Today I feel ok towards money because I didn't overspend but my saving project is not working so fast,so I am sending resume for work with higher salary than now and keep only 2 side hustle works...
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was: receive a birtday gift a week before my birthday, my friend Noemi sent me a delicious chocolates, a set of laberls for corrispondence and a lovely postcard with lovely and encouraging words. I love my friends!!!
  • I will consider this week a success if I will do morning long walk at least twice, respect the weekly budget planned, study hard and meet my firends at least twice.
  • This time of year I start to think about summer and plan little escapes but usually I work and infact are a couple of years that I do a sort of stay cation, this year who'll knows?