During this past week I ambeen quit good on budget and spending, I bought a new black shirt basically it is been the gift for job interview and I don't overspent becasue I am been so good that after this prchase I still have money inside wallet, basically I spent less of what I've planned.

Temperature is been good and sky was clear and sunny-AMAZING COMBO- unluckily from yesterday sky became grey and temperature colder, but being in March maybe temperature was a little bit to high for the period, however I met my friends for real...

A morning I went with my friend Claudia in Perugia, she was doing a job interview that later results a weird offer completely different from job offer wrote in the web, then I met my friend Roby in the cafe and my friend Dom for work, during this incoming week I will have  dinner into chinese restaurant with Dom, a coffe with Francy and probably another one with Vale and/or Claudia... so I am having success into the project to meet friends for real at least twice per week:P

In the next two days I'll need to do some documents for apartment where I live and I will go to dentist, finally there isn't pain but I need to do a control-luckily I don't had problems with tooths-but a control after 10 years is necessary...

I finished the realtor's book for exam's preparation now, I need to memorize everything better and do a lot of tests, I want to pass it at first time!!!

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: grocery, I bought dietician food for the week, fruit and veggies for the week and I did meal planning..this helps you a lot to be more organzsed, eat healty and be savvy at the same time
  • Today I feel really good towards money because I didn't overspent, I didn't spent allt he amount I planned and I did all thing I wanted to do, plus in the month of April I will do a lot of work in the cafe and probably from May there will be a new adventure
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that made me happy was: honestly last week is been weird with mights full of pain into my mouth however the night after work I slept like a kid is been fantastic
  • I will consider this week a success if I'll be able to respect again the budget and I'll finish all thing I am going to do during this week
  • Guilty tv program of the week: Hardcore pawn and one italian cooking program, the first because men ther are a lot of crazy people in this world and cooking program because I love cooking and find new ideas and sggestion -like strawberry pancakes