Yesterday is been Valentine's day, in my hometown there is been a big ceremony for the Saint, but honestly I used it as excuse to eat more chocolate and sweets than usual:P
Directly from my kitchen yesterday night!!!

However is been really realy nice to see most of ancient couple still together, with love for each other, I want to have it too, most of people now getting married but on the firs argument run away from problems, what my parentsand my grandparents teached me is that something that seems ruined/damaged can be repaired, you need to talk clear, be honest and have a lot of patient ( my parents are married since 1979)...I liked also that my friend and collegue Roberta is getting married in August, this recession helped to find again the worth of family!!!

MAybe I am big dreamer but every time I watch this trailer I cry, it is wonderful aren't you agree?

Today I am almost free from work in the cafe, but I am going to :

  • write some articles for another blog that talks about home decor and real estate, honestly I love real estate field and home decor, but all my article will give suggestion "how to have a determinated look with determinated budget" I'm always a girl on a budget, ok a woman on a budget:P...maybe I'd must to change the word in the blog's title...
  • I'll cook and I'll finish to read a book that is a sort of diary of a classic and imperfect family, imperfect but so real...and hilarious!!!Finally there is a real family with classic daily problems and not that kind of perfect and rich family are almost always in tvv (also if since some years also fiction are becaming more real and a lot less perfect)...
  • Reorganize wardrobe and deicde which clothes keep and whic to donate, reorgainze the second desk as good home office ( I will use it as office or space for study but from two days it is a complete mess),
  • Write letters to my penpals, in the past week I've received some and during the next I would want to send out letters I wrote for them ( I need to write another one today)
  • Do accountancy and personal budget control (the most hard moments, plus this week I felt guilty for wed's shopping, however I need to do control and recalculate budget and relative voices/amounts
Tomorrow (sunday) I'll work in the cafe, so I'll earn some money and I have a extra dog sitter session next week so this will help me to increase side hustle this week, while the next I'll be completely free in the week end or better till sunday evening that I'll do baby sitter in the night for daughter of my friend Francy...I'll already know that we'll have good time, but today I'll start also to think about some activities that don't involve tv...

Which are your plans for this week end?