Today is the day in the middle of the week and I went to Fran's house and did a little bit baby sitter for her daughter while she was doing another tattoo, however we have a lot of fun everytime we spend time together, she is one of ex collegues that became a real friend...

However yesterday I was talking with a friend about my last meeting with another realtor, OMG there are somany tyoes of realtor and homeowners that you can have hilarious adventure or something very similar to a tragedy/drama...

YOUNG AND WITHOUT EXPERIENCE: you enter in the real estate agency and meet this young and fresh face, very well dressed (yep realtor must to be always elegant and wear a jacket also during summer), but you understand that there isn't so much experience because you know every single answer while in the opposite there is a big question mark in mind, plus he/she will say everything about house -also negative parts- but with some exercise coul became a good agent!

THE SAW-OWNER:basically I call this ckind of realto a saw, because he/she isn't interested about find the right house for you, but is more interested to sell and receive profit...if you are a homeowner that want to sell apartment/home he/she will say that you can earn only X and ruin all your project but if you are a buyer he/she will show you which amazing opportunity that house is...A real businessman/woman, I must still understand if there is a heart or if this kind are robots. But at the same time I must to admit that they close a lot of sales...

TALK-MAN: I am not jocking I still remember a time that I went with a friend of mine that was looking for her first apartment and this man talked for more than hour for a small apartment, if we went to visit a villa or abigger apartment we'd still be listening his description. Well this could be good in some case but if an apartment is small more then 30 minutes is too much, you can talk more if client does questions...but I prefer this kind to the opposite, the silent he/she doesnt talk you visit alone the spaces and then the only question will be "do you like it, do you want to make an offer?"

THE ARCHITECT:  this is my enemy inside real estate field, becaue he/she studied to make plan, interior design, but not for sale or better their skills are different from realtors, a lot of time when I worked inside real estate agencies I must to work really hard to destroy the worth architect did showing to homeowners the real offers in the market for that kind of home. They usually are really good on planning but they gave wrong worths and they don't sell 

How would must to be -in my personal opinion- a good realtor

Well educated
with a good knowedge
gentle and with sense of humor
good worker
good listener

Have you ever watched Buying & Selling with Scott's twins? he offers  a true  and cruel view of potential homes, that need only some renovation works, to became the ideal house!!!

There are other kind of agent but are more innocent from those...but I must to admit that working with every king of personality created a real passion for real estate field!!!