I am seriously hatin rain, I love it only when I am ill because I must to stay inside home...but usually when I finished my work I like to hang out, meet friends, visit shops and events and in the last two week there is been a lot of rain...

This morning I went into centre to pay some bills, do a long walk into it, watching the "work in progress" for the open dstands for Valentine's that is called Cioccolentino, but unluckily also this morning was raining a lot...rains is something that ruins every project, people became slower than usual and so I have not so much love for it!!!

I have a hate-love relation with budget and this morning I seriously hated to have one, cause I felt toally in love for a fake leather jacket amazing especcially for colour (tiffany colour), and it is still with great affordable price, but in my budget isn't permit to buy new clothes till the end of the month... so I was so frustrated that I entered into a bookshop and after saw and mentally bought all the shop I've bought a book about the imperfect side of young motherhood, I started to read and I can say that is funny but extremely real...a really good book that I am going also to buy for one of my friends that is becaming a mum!!!

I spent €9,90 but I felt a little bit guilty because into budget I cannot buy books for other some days, but honestly for me is almost a mission impossible to resist to buy inside bookshop:(

Then I went into my guilty food pleasure a stop into the "creperia", I choose always the same mozzarella cheese and speck, it tastes so good and this morning I had only one coffee and no food so at 11,30 am I did a sort of brunch, tham my mouth and my stomach really loved (every single bite)...

Temperature is quiet good but rain ruins everything and destroy almost every single plan you do alone or with friends/partner/family...I want summer and sun as soon as possible