Yesterday night I've worked inthe cafe and me and collegues talked about disorganization there was, basically yesterday in the place where is situated the cafe was planned  a oncer with a cover band , with a dinner, a book presentation f the real band career and follow a concert.... well yes there is been everything unless the number of person we knew...
Organization said that did a lot of advertising with poster but it isn't true, me and other friend were in center to talk and drink something together and we didn't see a single poster...however this gave us some ideas for future Events to organize directly by us with big boss approval!!!
The good thing is that we are a great team so e had great time together....and I love the week ends with them, real team, real place, real connection!!!

My friend and collegue Roberta makes great handmade items and I choose that red, it is so lovely!!

During this week I am been able to use car only twice, the other days I used my foots or bus, and luckily also if bus ticket prices is a little bit higher than 2013 now it worths for 100 minutes, so I am able go in center and return at home only with one ticket...great!!!
I wrote a lot to my penpals all over the world but I finished everything only yesterday and so tomorrow I'll send out the letters:P...I talked a lot with my friends and I started again to work hard for side hustle and saving money....I dont have problem to work inthe week end and believe me if you know someone with kids and you iffer yourself as babysitter into week end night or other night of the week you will receive at least two calls....

I'm still thinking about swimming pool, I liked one but it is a lot expensive, plus is quiet far from home so I'd must add additional cost of fuel, but I am not sure whent sport center will be completed and which price it'll long walks is my sport with some dvd for home gym and some helps from blog like skinny mom.. also if now I am a lot curious with a course that does my friend and collegue Roberta, could be a great choice for my legs!!!

House hunting continues or better, I found my ideal house and finally I know also the name of homeowner and during this week I am going to try to talk directly with him...hopefully in summer or in autumn I'll be move into new home...

I'm quiet glad with money cause I had two daysof no spending, I didn't buy new books, no new clothes, bags, shoes (also H&M shop inside commercial centre is real temptation everytime is hard to resist to "watch only") and I used my free afternoons for make great cookies, todays I will do more because I promised cookies to my friend Dom, hopefully in this week sky will be a little bit more clear I am quiet bored about ruins every outdoor plan me and friend do.
This is what I need befor control my finances a GIANT cup of coffee, pen, paper, calculator and pc tools!!!

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: birthday gift, or better a part of it, on 10th is Dom's birthday and I've alredy bought him a book that will be combined with a bottle of delicious olive oil and homemade cookies with chocolate. 
  • Today I feel quiet nervous towards money because I must to wait for a salary check, and in this peiod they're always in late, thankfully cafe pays me cash inthe end of every shift and this permits me to pay bills in time without fear to be always in big late for payments. To be honest I am quiet nervous because I must to do accountancy session and budget control because in this past 2 weeks I didn't  do well and I am not so sure to had a good salry changed in the last week and I need to work and adjust again budget and relatives voices.
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was: 
  • I will consider this week if I will be able to do a great budget, don't be tempted by bookshops and save at least €20 in second side hustle's piggy bank.
  • Guilty tv programs of the week: Don't tell the bride, in this period a lot of friends started plan their big day but we found extremely hilarious how some brides give all the power to groom and a lot of choiche are completely wrong.