This week is been good about finances. I didn't do more shopping, except for fashion magazines, no new books or other I went a couple of times to drink a coffee with friend but no happy hour, to be honest during last coffe I was talking with my friend Dom about weight loss program and sport and we talked a lot... I am still thinking about swimming pool I'd like to di a sort of subscriotion and do a lot of exercise on it, but at the same time from next week starts a tour de force betwee day job and work in the cafe until the end of June...

Yesterday I spent a night doing babysitter and probably this is beenthe last time, cause I cannot be in two places at the same time, yesterday I do refund to my friend MArk that helped me when I needed (true friends are always on your side and give you a true help)... 

I did a budget and tried to save more money is possible and try to spend only money from dog sitting, probably it will change a little bit in march because I'll use more the car but for the moment I am using a lot bus or my foots (walking). I'm studing for realtor's exam that I am going to do in September 2014, so if in the future I'll want to open my personal Real estate agency I have the license that is necessary:P

I wrote in a journal my monthly goals and also travels I'd like to do, also if is more possible that this summer I'll do a staycation I love travel and I have a lot of travel's guides for the future, but some free week end low cost is possible and why not? I am doing also a list of place I'd like to visit in my life...

I am still working about to have more savings for a determinated date, I am working well about side hustle and day job also if I am looking for a day job with a higher salary...but until I am not sure I am ok with everything I have, I am working hard to achieve all my goals!!!

  • The most I've spent this last week was: refund for my friend, money well spent. This is the most expensive expense then I paid for fashion magazines, coffee. No important and big splurge so there are still money insto bank and wallet:P
  • Today I'm thankful for the fact my mother paid my car repair, not very much, only €99 but if I paid I was completely out of budget, she offered to pay (also becasue I paid other bills for her), so I  can say I'm thankful for my mother.
  • Money can't buy happiness One free thing I did last week that made me happy was: spening real time with friends and talking clear with them. Real connection have a different feelings respec chat/skype.
  • I will consider this week a success If I'll follow my plan of study for exam - I know I am quiet boring about it, but is like I am attending college and I must to do the last exam for my future-
  • I'm really trying to became more active, winter's lazy go away!!!