This week is been a semi distaster on financial way, cause I planned to don't buy nothing new, like bags, books or clothes, but unluckily in wed I went out for breakfast, cash money in the wallet and also card (but luckily I paid only cash), eveything started from breakfast in the cae, then a walk in the shops with discount sales and I am been so tempted... I did shopping low cost but I did shopping that wasn't planned!!!

Yesterday I cleaned all the room and re-organized the second desk, plus I divided magazines choosing that to gift directly o my friend that is getting married in August... I wrote some financial goals and did some personal save more money I'd must to earn at least €50 more per week, this is why I am looking for diversified side hustles... I already have an extra session of dog sitting and an extra day in the  cafe, that means more opportunitie to achieve financial goal fo month...

Today also if is February seems a warm day of spring, with warm sun and blu sky, amazing day, but new said that in the next days temperatures and sky will change again...

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: clothes, not so much but I bought a colourful jacket, 3 pair of socks and a tank top...This means that in the next weekly budget I must to adjust vocies and amounts...
  • Today I feel ok towards money because also if I did shopping that wasn't planned I had money inside wallet in the end of day and also bank account became positive, also because during the week will arrive paycheck...
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing that I did last week that made me happy was: read a book about a real family with tons imperfection but so damn real and hilarious, during hot bath...I was alone that afternoon and I enjoyed it!!!
  • I will consider this week a success if I'll be able to meet for real my friends at least twice
  • Best book I've read this week : Casa Delirio, it is the diary of imperfect family and it is wrote in italian cause the author is italian and honestly it is amazing, every mum will must to read and also if you're not yet a mum ( I don't have kids but I loved every single page of the book)


  1. So finally the money checkup went well!
    Follow me on Cosa Mi Metto???

    1. Hopefully also if everyday I walk infront some shops I'm really tempted to buy a lot of things!!!:)


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