August 2012 is been my longest holiday and it is been my first time in the US, I loved it, especcially because I spent great time with my friend Natalya, her hubby and their dog ( well Dustin was working from monday till friday so most of time were me, Natalia and dog Moses)... One saturdy we choose to visit lake Michigan (it's enormous seems a big ocean) and we did a trip into a big boat , visited the nautical museum in that place...interesting but a little bit small, plus some other little boats to visit in the garden near the lake....

yep date on the corner is wrong but doen't matter!!!

I have a passion for nautical world, infact I can spend hours only watching boat into sea, lake, water places and, for a long period I wanted take nautical drive license, but then I discovered that it is a lot expensive and the nearest place is 1 hour far, so course, material and fuel could be a lot more expensive than a monthly for the moment I can only see from far or be invited from friends.... but I am always fashinating by nautical world!!!

Then we had a young man that does the part of storyteller befor the trip into ancient big boat , that day was really sunny and hot but not humidity in the place, I still remmember that in the night I was more red respect the early monring:P

During trip I was happy to have the opportunity to learn more about history and cause lake was so calm isn't been possible to have a perfect copy of something from past ( but to be honest I don't remember what) and see a lot of boats...

I had a lot more pics but those on Lake Michigan are the most lovely memories I have about my American holiday!!!!