This is will be the right year to find the ideal house, so I am keeping myself always informed about open house days, house new offers, watching houses that are onthe market from several years and seller didnt understood that is impossible sell "that house at that determined price", but if sellers hasn't a real need try to ask that amount for loooooooooong time...then there are 2 ways new life changes and a real adjustment to price or stop try to sell the house...

However what I'd like is to have a single house not very big with a garden, large rooms ( I visited new costruction but rooms are too small for my habits). Looking in the web I found some houses that are really nice and are similar to what I'm looking for...

What I'm looking for?

  • large kitchen, honestly I am totally in love for kitchen american style, big big big
  • a studio/library room to use as office
  • liing room that permits to invite friends
  • bath with window, honestly I don't like blind bath
  • porch/patio
  • at least 2 double bedrooms...
  • Not very far from centre and with an amazing view
I need to have space and natural light, don't ask me to find compromises with new costruction also a smurf could refuse to live into a new costruction...

Other images directly from google images research:

For the moment I am visiting some house in my range of price and do list of pros and cons, but believee me find a good house is a sort of second work and who is looking know exactly what I am saying!!!