I know I know I've wrote and I've said that I want to lose some pounds, and it's the truth but the ugly truth is there are a lot of amazing cake to try, during Xmas I went to give Xmas gifts to my friend Francesca nd her daughter, she offered me a coffee and a slice of a cake that is called in italain "Il mattone", translateing the name could be "The block" because it isn't a light sweet there is butter cream but it is absolutely delicious every single bite worths!

pic from google image

I asked receipe and those are ingredients, she didnt said the method but I do so:

500 gr butter
5 egg yolks
5 spoons of sugar
250 gr dark choclate
 cookies ( we have oro saiwa)

Do a cream with butter, eggs and sugar , you can put liquor in the cream just a toch-, mix and stir until is a good a recipient prepare another mix with coffee and alchermes,do base with cookies put some coffee+ liquor mix then add cream, nuts and chocolate (both grated) and do level(cookies, cream, choclate and nut) till the end where you need to put cream and chocolate powder.

Put in the fridge so it can became more solid like a block-a delicious block!!!