This is the third part of our travel into fun weird and interesting things to do absolutely for free in Italy at least once in your life, I know whatyou're thinking comparing Italy to other countries it is smaller but honestly it is really really rich about a lot of things: good people, good food, history, art, traditions, legends, great landscapes and can find solution for every kind of holiday you would like to have!!!

We are still in the North of Italy and we're slowly traveling till  centre of Italy ( where is located my wonderful region Umbria) and in the end will go in the South...
this is the secret window and the buzz of the water in Bologna

  • Chasing fountains on the Adriatic Coast, but without copy Anita  Ekberg, this is a spot that every nature lover will adore, becasue you have the opportunity to discover and see the most beautiful fountains. info here
  • Have fun with Buskers on every corner inthe city of Ferrara, this amazing show combined with music and you don't need to book and paya tickets, because usually you meet "the Buskers" during your walk in the city and also if it originally from North Europe now there are a lot of artists that arrive in Ferrara and do the greeat show. info
  • be enraptured by the artistic heritage of the guercino in Cento, is possible to see a lot of artworks from this artis all over the world, but in Cento there are a lot of testimonials about his works, go into civic art here
  • Came back to childhood into Museum of the figurines: a lot of my male friends during elementary school did a play with figurines/stickers you would must ot have all and ask to your friend for which you don't have, here in Modena you can see and learn everything from creation till diffusion and more. info
  • Secret window and the buzz of the water: in this case we can compare easily Bologna with Venice, here you can discover a precious gem, that offered inspiration to a lot of artists, there are a lot of moments to see this lovely secret but on the sunrise you can listen the buzz of water and every romantic soul will love it! info
  • Hidding into the seven churches in Bologna: It is called hill of the seven churches but in reality churches are "only 4" and in front of every chirch you can see an ìd meet a lot of youths. info here
  • Walking to make a whish came true: there is also a fanpage on facebook, it is a good walk that serves to realize every whish you have and usually them became true. info
  • Read magazine, books, newspaper in the fellowship hall: Avid readers as me will love this place from monday till friday 9am-1pm, it is a thing that you need to try,usually also kids that aren't so book lovers will be fashinating about this place and would like to know more. info
  • Porretta soul festival opening day: a meeting of cultures, music and food a lot of artists partecipated in this event and you will be glad about the great temperature. info here
  • Open art Gallery: if you visit the city of Dozza you have the opportunity to see a sort of open art gallery cause a lot of frescos are paitned directly on the building walls. info here
  • Looking for the gnome's hat: there is a legend that say that here there is the gnome's village so every year thousands of letter are sent, this could be a great occasion to spend with your kids telling about this legend that is from 1782, walking in silence most people said that they heard the voices of the gnomes. info
We have a lot of more things to see and know about Italy and it is great that are alls absolutely FREE!!!