Talking with several friends of mine a lot are seriously thinking to create a own business, but if you follow trends maybe is too much and that determined field became overoccupied, but one rule to follow is to transform your passion in your business, but not always it is easy.

I love read  a monthly magazine "Millionaire" that every month gives you different suggestions about new business that can create you a great future, well it seems amazing, do something that you really love and make money with it.

Sometimes also if you have a great ideas there are some things that could be considered obstacles for your success and you can stop in forn tof those so, transform them into new ways for success:

  • World is not waiting for me- this is true maybe you have a good idea but similars to your there are other thousands, so to have success find a way that give you special clients for your original ideas. Be and keep always informed about your field and what can you improve or change/delete from your business.
  • I don't have money or enough money- Ok banks are not helpful but if you have a good plan and good business plan and some savings, ask to relatives to help you, plus in the web you can find a lot of ideas for crowfunding. Small steps and adjustment time after time
  • I am not able to realize my plan- Yes to have success you must to visualize your business in the next 3-5--10 years and be flexible, keeping informed and informed and your mind is flexible you'll be good to have eperfect balance beween old and new.
  • How I can create something new?- Innovation is the magic word but this doen't meand that you must to invent something new, sometimes is helpful to have better version of your products, little changes that can give you a lot (new site, touchscreen services) with good coordination and good advertising directly fromyour clients you'll be always good.
  • I am not lucky- Most people stop to believe into their business ideas because say "I am not a lucky person", well maybe you aren't but you can became lucky, inevery place you worked you estabilished contacts that you can use for the future, plus you must to visit congress and meetings, knowing new people, you'll talk more about you, new contacts for your job. Remember a good business card to give to potential clients and a good website could be the real difference!!!

Honestly I see myself in the future with my own business, the problem is that I am still understanding in which field I want to work, but I am saving for it and also for the other important goal (buy my home), but reading this article I never thought that writer was wrong because I think that you must to work hard to have success, do a great business plan, detailed and always keep informed about innovations into your areas of work and lucky is the cup for your hard work, at least this is my personal opinion!!!


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