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I have a real love for real estate and I know that I'm in good company

Maybe you've just decide that is time to buy your first home but isn't an easy affair, let me explain better...there are things that is better to know BEFORE fix first appoitments with realtors.

First of all ask to yourself which kind of property are you looking for: apartment, studio, loft, attic, villa, townhouse? Where (centre, country)? What your ideal house must to have (balcony, terrace, garage, large rooms, big kitchen, etc. etc.).... then start to see websites and take notes about prices but don't book appointments yet...

Call your bank and fix an appointment to talk about mortage, most banks offer great mortages to their clients, this means that you must to have all your finanncial docuemnts in order (salary, other loans active and if you are a copule that share budget banks needs also financial informations and socuments from your partner)...

Bank will say if you are aoìpproved or not for mortage and you know from the beginning your max you can start to fix appointments, start a new reasearch on the web, maybe more detailed, there are a lot of sites that has a lot of filters for great researches and results..

When you talk with realtor, PLEASE be honest about your budget because realtor's work is find best deal for both parts (homeowner/client), is waste of time for both visit house that are over the budget, maybe you fall in love and you know that you cannot afford and let me remember that most realtor's salary is based on commission and his/her work is find perfect deal for you without broke budget and visit homes tha tyou cannot afford is seriously stressful!

Ok being honest at 100% most realtors tend to push to make an offer ASAP, I never did it because in my personal opinion a good realtor must to support and help don't force, if you loved everything in the home you can make an offer but if there is something that soesn't convince you is better wait a couple of days....Good realtor hels to find perfect deal for you. 

Price is almost always negotiable but usually has a 20%, sometimes a little bit more, As I wrote in this post  I had a client that felt in love at first sight with a tiny appartment and make an offer after second visit, first offer was at 56000, while homeowner was asking €67000, in the end of negotiation we found a del for €59000, Both parts happy and I've done a good work....infact I'm still in touch with boths.

What a good realtor would must to do? Call you back asking what you liked and disliked about home-homes you visited together, call when you have new listings that could be a good deal, became a friend but not became to friendly...

Ok you found your house after several visits with same realtors (usually an average of 6), what is next move? MAke an OFFER

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  1. Interesting advice from a realtor's perspective. How long were you a realtor?

    1. I worked as realtor for 2.5 years then for family healt issue I've changed completely work but I still love real estate and I am in touch with last real estate acency, in the future I'd like to be business parter in a real estate agency!!!

  2. E' interessante leggere questi consigli visti dalla tua prospettiva!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

    1. Contenta che ti piaccia la mia prospettiva!!!


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