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I love traveling but being on a budget isn't always possible do it... Probably this summer I'll do a sort of staycation during only day trips, but I have some nice books that give nice tips to save into traveling field...

Risparmiare in Viaggio by Tessa Gelisio :

Before To leave sit, using web you can find great deals
  • If you  book a  2 week holidays on web you can save €600
  • If you use web to book a flight in your country you canssave €200
  • Price comparison will help you to find best price and save €300
  • If you book an holiday in a exotic paradise 2 day before you can save €700 (but this isn't true for every exotic paradise)
This means that in an year you can save €1800

BE flexible:

  • If you take a flight for European destination in a fixed day of the week you can save €200
  • If you opt for flight +hotel package you can save € 180
  • If you are going to have an holiday in Sardinia you know that isn't so cheap transportation , so booking it a lot of time ahead means that you can save €90
  • If you opt for train instead of plane you can save€ 253

This means that you can save €723 in a year, not bad right?

One thing is if you are going to stay in a specific location for a month, another story if you are going to spend few nights away from your home...

  • If you opt for a B&B instead a hotel you can sve €300
  • If you are going in a European destination choosing an hostel  you can save €600
  • If you are family with kids best solution is choosing an house instead hotel and you can save €500

you can save in a year €1400

Ok with Euro is more easy spend money because in some cases you don't need to change money but if you need to do it

  • Don't change money in the airport will help you to save €70
  • Pay with your credit card instead use ATM machine for withdrawal, saving €60
  • If you are traveling with train, bring your bike with you and use it, saving € 100
  • some cities have amazing buildings and museums to attend, but their entrance ticket isn't so low cost, a good option is buy CITY CARd that usually offers free entrances and great deals into interesting places saving €115
  • Ask to touristic guides you meet at low cost locals it will help you to save €200

In a year you can save €545

Is normal do shopping during your holiday, but if your holiday includes airport well is better do it here:

  • Buying perfumes whe you're traveling saves €360
  • Are you going to buy some liquor for you relatives? well do it into Duty free shop it will help you to save €360
  • Being a woman you can do shopping into tax free shops saving € 300

doing shopping in the airport you can easily save €1020

And you don't have a single cent but you are looking for traveling why don't find a job abroad?
Following these tips you can easily save more than €5400 in a year, this could be a great emergency fund!!!

Which are your savvy tips for traveling?


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