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Ok this week is began with some changes and it will not be the last for this season, infact I decided to pursue several personal projects...I've thought a lot and I decided and I must to say now I am feeling more light (emotional bag number 1 is away)...sometimes I like to share -apart my money weekly check up- what I'm doing currently and this is one of that moment...


  • WEARING my black jeans and turquoise blouse, I like to stay really comfortable these days and sporty look is perfect
  • LISTENING some romantic songs with radio and sometimes via youtube, this morning I was singing with a colleague several songs from eighties
  • CRAVING for swimming pool opening, I'm going to spend a quiet amount of weekend having sun, sunbathing, swim all at once and to use bike more often is possible
  • EATING healty food, a lot of veggies and I tried also vegan cheese, I love veggies and fruits from summer they are delicious
  • WRITING-  a long list of things to do during this summer like travels, organize charity events in church (one is coming soon)
  • WATCHING romantic comedy or thriller fiction, but honestly I am trying to watch tv less is possible
  • DRINKING a lot of water during day and if I need to treat myself I can find Cold cream coffee:P
  • READING- "Einstein an the art of mindful cycling by Ben Irvine, a book about Einstein, bike, mindful and happiness


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