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This past week is been busy but ok, i slept a little bit more and better, maybe because I’ve stopped t o be connected in late night, I didn’t bike once last week, because seemed that was raining and then tried to snow a little bit… I like snow but in the mountains, I’m not prepared to have snow in town :( usually it happens once every 10 years and

I had a birthday dinner with old and new friends, however is always nice know new place and people, infact dinner is been on Carlino’s restaurant and my friend Claudia said that she ate very well always, my colleagues in the office said that food wasn’t so good…honestly I liked what I ordered so food and restaurant will have good review from my mouth :P. Considering that I’m going to try a new place/food/activity every month, for this month this mission is achieved:D

Find the perfect gift for my friend Claudia isn’t been so easy, at the beginning I wanted gift her with unicorn slippers then I found in H&M only kid’s sizes and so I tried in all Chinese shops in town and reply was always the same: no we don’t have…yes there were in internet but shipping was too slow so knowing that she like to do movie night at home I’ve bought a violet basket and fill in it several sweet treat, then I add a little home decor object make by Eden Creazioni and a book, seemed that she liked ::P…  ow until March I don’t have birthdays but I still must to send out to Christmas gifts to 2 friends of mine, that was away until some days ago, so this week I need to send out!

I’m tracking all my daily expenses trying to cover them with side hustle income as dog sitter, because I’m going to start frugal experiment on 1st of February, I’ve thought to so it during January but I still must to repair 2 pair of shoes and a pair of jeans and it isn’t so cheap…but buy news will be a lot more expensive…I still have some items to buy into my approved shopping list but there isn’t a deadline and I’m still searching perfect pair of boots, honestly it isn’t so easy for curvy  legs.

I was thinking about do gym subscription but I have time only in the evening after 8pm and honestly during winter the only thing I want to do is put my pajama on, then I must to say during winter I’m lazy but I walk at least 2 hours in the morning for wok and other 40 minutes in the afternoon as dog sitter, so it counts as gym right?

  • The most I've spent this past week was on:fuel, winter shirts and boots and jeans repair (paid ahead).
  • Today I feel NORMAL towards money because: I'm trying to use only my side hustle income, I'm tracking notes of every single purchase I do daily
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: spend time with friends, is nice laughs together and is true, sharing is more easy with food:P
  • I will consider this week a success if I will read a book and start to write list of titles I'm going to keep/eliminate/donate
  • Best money I've spent this week was on: Birthday dinner (€15) and sweet treats for birthday gift (€10)


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